Information in this wiki applies to Hellgate: Global, which was shut down in 2015. It might not be accurate for other versions of the game.
Some information might be relevant to the 2018 Steam release, because it's based on Global.
For information more relevant to the original Hellgate: London release and Test Center content, check out the London 2038 wiki.

The Desiccator

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The Desiccator
Named Necro Lord
Health 5000
Armor 750
Shields 150
Experience 500
Type Electricity
Range 150 - 180
Critical Chance 5%
Critical Multiplier 100%
Interrupt Attack 0
Anger Range 12m
Interrupt Defence 200
Ai Change Defence 100
Stealth Defence 150
Elemental Attack Defence
Physical 50 5000
Fire 0 1500
Electricity 80 1500
Spectral 80 5000
Toxic 0 1500
How Scaling Works

The Desiccator is located in the deepest part of the wilds. He is a Necro Lord class monster that is very resilient to damage due to his passive ability to quickly recover health.



The Desiccator has 2 distinct abilities.

Cast Stone Form
Freezes a player, unable to move, deal or take damage for 6 seconds.
Summon Zombies
A pack of 6 minions are spawned.


Desiccator drops unique pets that will not be found anywhere else.

Description Normal Nightmare Hell
Nanoshard.jpg Nanoshard 100% 100% 100%
Mysterious Egg.jpg Mysterious Egg 5% 10% 20%
Skill Retrainer.jpg Expertise Retrainer 1% 2% 4%

The Mysterious Egg turns into one of these pets:

Revenant.png Revenant
Heap Raptor.png Heap Raptor
Nautilus.png Nautilus



The skin for The Desiccator monster is actually one a censored version of another monster originally developed by Flagship Studios.

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