Information in this wiki applies to Hellgate: Global, which was shut down in 2015. It might not be accurate for other versions of the game.
Some information might be relevant to the 2018 Steam release, because it's based on Global.
For information more relevant to the original Hellgate: London release and Test Center content, check out the London 2038 wiki.


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Achievements that give a Reward Skill have to be equipped before the bonus becomes active. A character begins with a single achievement slot and gains another at every tenth levels, for a total of five at level 40. The sixth slot with a star is opened after purchasing a premium item, with the effect lasting for 30 days.

The achievements panel is accessed by "J" in-game as default. An achievement will appear in the list after it's 25% complete (rounded down, so the percentage may appear lower).


The complete list of achievements.

Name Description Reward Skill Reward Title
Adventurer Completed more than 12 main quests Adventurer
Turning into a Nerd Completed tutorial quest Complete quests 13.png Damage + 2% Nerd
Going around London Completed HGL main quest Speed level 12.png SPRINT duration: +1 sec. London Guardian
Demons' Second Invasion Completed second invasion main quest Blocked Demon's Attack
Explore Abyss Completed abyss main quest Monarch of Abyss
Zombie Hunter Hunt 50 zombies Zombie Hunter
Superior Zombie Hunter Hunt 250 zombies Zombie Killer
Famous Zombie Hunter Hunt 1,000 zombies Kill zombies 14.png Health: +20
Veteran Zombie Hater Hunt 10,000 zombies Kill zombies 17.png Health: +40 True Warrior
Like a Jobless Collect 1,000 Palladiums Jobless
Employee's Happiness Collect 10,000 Palladiums Employee
Saving's Happiness Collect 100,000 Palladiums Rich
Mickle makes a Muckle Collect 1,000,000 Palladiums Collect money 15.png All Attributes: +1 God of Investments
Fast Movements Hunt 50 monsters in 30 seconds Speed kills 11.png Splash Radius: +3% Extensive Battlefield
Speed Killer Hunt 70 monsters in 40 seconds Speed Killer
Marauder of Darkness Hunt 100 monsters in 50 seconds Speed kills 13.png Splash Radius: +5% Marauder of Darkness
Memory of Tetris Fill up inventory and stash Tetris Fan
Rapid Progress Reinforce 2 item(s) Rapid Progress
Items Getting Stronger Reinforce 10 item(s)
Finally the Reinforcement Merchant Reinforce 100 item(s) Use prds 15.png Power +50 Early Adopter
Really a Mod Merchant Reinforce 1,000 item(s) Items upgrade 13.png Stamina: +5
Joyful Mini Games Complete minigames 30 times Win minigame 11.png Luck: +25
Keep One Track Level up any skill or skill level to 10 Skill up 11.png Damage + 2%
Just… One… More Learn all skills Fill skill tree 1.png Power +8%
Imp Battle Hunt 50 Imps
Imp Hunter Hunt 500 Imps Imp Hunter
Imp Hunt Hunt 5,000 Imps Imp killer
Prepared Imp Hunter Hunt 10,000 Imps Items dismantle 13.png Strength: +5
Undead Battle Hunt 100 undeads
Undead Hunter Hunt 1,000 undeads Undead Hunter
Prepared Undead Hunter Hunt 40,000 undeads Undead killer
Veteran Undead Hunter Hunt 100,000 undeads Kill undead 14.png Damage to Undead: +8%
Fight the Spectrals Hunt 100 spectrals
Spectral Battle Hunt 1,000 spectrals Ghost Chaser
Skilled Spectral Hunter Hunt 40,000 spectrals Spectral Voice
Prepared Spectral Hunter Hunt 100,000 spectrals Kill spectrals 14.png Damage to Spectral: +8%
Beasts' Enemy Hunt 100 beasts
Beast Hunter Hunt 1,000 beasts Beast
Veteran Beast Hunter Hunt 40,000 beasts Beast's Tombstone
Beast Massacre Hunt 100,000 beasts Kill beasts 14.png Damage to Beast: +8%
Fight the Demons Hunt 100 demons
Demons' Enemy Hunt 1,000 demons Demon's Challenge
Prepared Demon Hunter Hunt 40,000 demons I Need Blood
Veteran Demon Hunter Hunt 100,000 demons Kill demons 14.png Damage to Demon: +8%
Fight the Orbiles Hunt 50 orbiles
Orbile Battle Hunt 500 orbiles Flying
Prepared Orbile Hunter Hunt 5,000 orbiles Astronomer
Orbile Massacre Hunt 10,000 orbiles Kill orbiles 14.png Health Regen: +30 per minute
Stalker Battle Hunt 50 stalkers
Stalker Hunter Hunt 500 stalkers Devil
Prepared Stalker Hunter Hunt 5,000 stalkers Beauty
Stalker Massacre Hunt 10,000 stalkers Kill stalkers 14.png Power Regen: +30 per minute
Fight the Ravagers Hunt 50 ravagers
Ravagers' Enemy Hunt 500 ravagers Beggar
Skilled Ravager Hunter Hunt 2,000 ravagers True Man
Veteran Ravager Hunter Hunt 5,000 ravagers Kill ravagers 14.png Shield Recharge: +4% per second
Facing the Tortured Soul Hunt 50 tortured soul
Fight the Tortured Soul Hunt 500 tortured soul Explorer
Tortured Soul Battle Hunt 2,000 tortured soul Free Spirit
Tortured Soul Hunter Hunt 5,000 tortured soul Use powerkits 5.png Willpower Injector duration: +1 sec.
Obsession to Shulgoth Hunt 30 Shulgoth Items craft 12.png Accuracy: +5 Demon Conqueror
Obsession to Sydonai Hunt 30 Sydonai Use prds 13.png Power +30 Lord of the Hell
Cold to New Monsters Hunt Arachtonas 30 time(s) Use medkits 0.png Increase all attributes +1 Arachtonas Punisher
Conquer Fallen's Place Hunt Demon's Monarch, Errgoth 50 times Kill demons 12.png Damage to Demon: +4% Conquered Fallen
Conquer Torturer's Place Hunt Spirit's Master, Nicor 50 times Kill spectrals 12.png Damage to Spectral: +4% Conquered Torturer
Conquer Cursed's Place Hunt Summon Monarch, Oriax 50 times Kill undead 12.png Damage to Undead: +4% Conquered Cursed
Conquer Glutton's Place Hunt Ash 50 times Kill beasts 12.png Damage to Beast: +4% Conquered Glutton
Love Stonehenge Hunt Moloch 2 times Moloch Punisher
Moloch's Fear Hunt Moloch 50 times Achieve electricity def1.png Electric Defense +200 Moloch Monarch
Stop Pruslas Hunt Pruslas 50 times Stopper Pruslas
Capture Rashaverak Hunt Rashaverak 50 times Captured Rashaverak
Conquer Barbatos Hunt Barbatos 50 times Conquered Barbatos
Shatter Ahmon Hunt Ahmon 50 times Ahmon Punisher
Hero of Second Invasion Hunt Astaroth 2 times Hero of Second Invasion
Astaroth's Friend Hunt Astaroth 50 times Achieve fire def.png Fire Armor +800 God of Battle
Plaster Cast Hunt Dessicator 50 times Goddess of Fortune
First of Aybss Chronicle Hunt Lilith 50 times Lilith's Voice
Labyrinth's Abyss Hunt Nahema 50 times Nahema's Heart
Roar of Abyss Hunt Behemoth 2 times Gorilla King
Crystal Mine Hunt Behemoth 50 times Silver Cyrstal
Reaper's Sickle Hunt Morbus 50 times Angel's Wing
Spectral Magician Hunt Macabro 50 times Reaper's Breath
Territory of Ancient Satan Hunt Belial 2 times Abyss' Leader
Let Belial Rest… Hunt Belial 50 times Achieve fire def.png Fire Armor +800 Dancing Belial
PVP Middle School Win 2 time(s) in PvP battle Battle Veteran
PVP High School Win 20 time(s) in PvP battle Battle Star
PVP University Win 100 time(s) in PvP battle Battle Legend
Idol of Team Members Win 2 time(s) with highest point in the team Winner
Most Valuable Hero Win 20 time(s) with highest point in the team Pvp winner.png Critical Chance: +1% Champion
Strongest Hero Win 100 time(s) with highest point in the team Pvp winner.png Critical Chance: +2% Legendary Champion
More PVP EXP Acquire 100 PVP EXP points Private
PVP Veteran Acquire 500 PVP EXP points Corporal
PVP EXP Saver Acquire 1,000 PVP EXP points Lance Corporal
PVP EXP Rich Acquire 5,000 PVP EXP points Lieutenant
PVP EXP Prince Acquire 10,000 PVP EXP points Colonel
Completed Tokyo Act1 Quest! Complete Tokyo Act1 Quest! Achieve spectral def.png Illusion Armor +800 Tokyo Guardian
Kill Moths Hunt 400 moths Butterfly's Dream
Hunt Moths Hunt 1,000 moths Achieve toxic def1.png Toxic Defense +200
Kill Dollmasters Hunt 400 dollmasters Cruel Torturer
Hunt Dollmasters Hunt 1,000 dollmasters Achieve spectral def2.png Illusion Armor +400
Hunt Deathmeat Hunt 400 deathmeats Rock Crasher
Deathmeat's Enemy Hunt 1,000 deathmeats Achieve faint def1.png Stun Defense +200
Hunt Oni Soldiers Hunt 400 oni soldiers Biker Gang
Oni Soldier Hunter Hunt 1,000 oni soldiers Achieve electricity def2.png Electric Defense +400
Fight Bakewraith Hunt 400 Bakewraith Fried Stingray
Hunt Bakewraith Hunt 1,000 Bakewraith Achieve spectral def1.png Illusion Armor +200
Hunt Kohama Hunt 400 Kohama Future Seer
Kohama's Enemy Hunt 1,000 Kohama Achieve fire def1.png Fire Armor +200 Kohama's Tears
Deport Kurodon Hunt Kurodon 10 times Achieve faint def2.png Stun Defense +400 Glutton
Kurodon Smiter Hunt Nightmare Kurodon 10 times Achieve faint def.png Stun Defense +800 Kurodon's Nightmare
Deport Kaibutsnatan Hunt Kaibutsnatan 10 times Achieve toxic def2.png Toxic Defense +400 Angel's Wings
Kaibutsnatan Exterminator Hunt Nightmare Kaibutsnatan 10 times Achieve toxic def.png Toxic Defense +800 Nightmare Chaser
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