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The dreaded memory leak

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Hi all, I have noticed that at least one person doesn't know about the work around for the memory leak in HG:L so I thought I would bring this topic back into the limelight to help out the newer members or those who are new to the game that have older computers or not enough RAM.  Yes I realize that this has been covered before but, the last post in that thread is about a year old and it didn't cover how to change the pagefile.

So here go's, all you have to do is change your pagefile/virtual memory
These instructions are for XP users

Right click My Computer, then click the Advanced tab, go down to Performance click settings, then the Advanced tab. At the bottom it will say Virtual Memory click change, now change the Initial and Maximum sizes to 5000 or more (I would recommend 10000 if your HDD has the room) then click OK, you may have to restart your computer after you're done.

Originally posted by Kite: for Win7 users
You mean increase the size of your virtual memory?

    * "Windows-key + Pause" (Hotkey combination :P)
    * Advanced system settings
    * Advanced -> Performance -> Settings
    * Advanced -> Virtual Memory -> Change
    * Select the partition for which you want to change the "Page File Size", select "Custom size" and enter your prefered values (make sure your HDD has enough space left)
    * Click "Set" and then "OK" and you're done :)

That should help, or at least make it so you dont have to keep restarting the game so often, and there are other things you can do as well.

EDIT: These instructions are for the HG:L Single Player, it is unknown if they are feasible for the T3Fun Hellgate Global testing

Changing the game's priority from normal to high (or even real time) can help as well. CTRL+ALT+DELETE while Hellgate is running; right click hellgate, go to set priority, and from there, change it to something higher than normal.

This sometimes can cause ill side effects though. Setting it higher than something your system can tolerate may cause crashing. Thus, the results will vary for each individual.

If your system has 4GB of RAM your generally safe. I've never crashed

Doesn't Win7 drain some?Got 3GB on a Win7 system,just asking to know if I should be preparing for some crashes there  :P


--- Quote from: "maeyan" ---If your system has 4GB of RAM your generally safe. I've never crashed
--- End quote ---

4Gb of RAM with Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and I don't ever crash either.


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