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The dreaded memory leak

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--- Quote from: "Bryan" ---Doesn't Win7 drain some?Got 3GB on a Win7 system,just asking to know if I should be preparing for some crashes there  :P
--- End quote ---

Bryan, Win 7 is a little more generous with the pagefile so you should be OK but it wouldn't hurt to make it larger just in case. The big reason I started this thread was for those using older systems, especially XP and Vista using 3Gb or less of RAM, FSS did take care of most of the issue for MP (they didn't eliminate it) but they didn't dedicate a lot of time to the SP so the memory leak still exists.

I'm using Win 7 HP 64bit with 4Gb of RAM as well and no crashing, but on my XP boot it has crashed especially when I'm playing an Evoker or a MM. 32bit systems only recognize 3.2Gb.

Wait wait wait, there is a memory leak? Hmm must not affect my 6GB of RAM and my 1 GB of GDDR5 on my 5870 graphics card being shared by DX11, because I am getting between 100 to 300 fps on max settings depending on the size of the area. And yes I do play Cysis with this thing, very fun game.

For a couple of days I've been having the station loading screens stuck at well,loading... :evil:
And on top of that awesome bit,textures sometimes either go missing or turn all squared.
Not permanent,but they both DO happen every now and then.
Any chance it's related?

Running Hellgate on a Win7 32bit system with 3GB of RAM,recently did a format just in case and still no improvement.

Bryan, what are your system spec's mobo, cpu, video card, may have something to do with it, but I doubt it, the mem leak usually cause's a crash.

Gonna go home and check,it's kinda new and all so the exact specs elude me right now :oops:

Highly doubt it's a spec problem though,I've run much more demanding games than Hellgate with no problems whatsoever.That's why I had the suspicion the issue'd be with the game itself...


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