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The dreaded memory leak

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I'd like to throw in that on my system DX10 exe and Steam''s Broadcasting do not like each other. From crash on attempting to start to loaded in and playing then crashing, but mainly at start up or before in a zone. Dx9 exe doesn't seem to have an issue with it. Only thing i get from Dx9 is what I've always had over 3 totally different systems over the years all high end and that's the driver crashing on xp pro/resetting in Win 7 64. Dx10 just frame drop on a rare occasion long as Steam broadcasting is off.

Now back in the beginning from that Founders pre-closed beta event to some time after release I and many many others suffered from BSODs. For me it was mainly in the stations
that I remember but others had it elsewhere as well. Then it got supposedly fixed. Well I have always had my doubts, I think it just got toned down.... to a driver crash/reset lol.

Just in case some has problems starting or running thought I'd mention the Steam possible issue.

System specs roughly form memory currently using:
17 x980 cpu
EVGA x58classified 3way mobo
12 gigs RAM
Gigbyte 980 GTX vid


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