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Title: mouse
Post by: johnpierce on Nov 13, 2014; 08:24 PM
why my mouse is so sensibility? when im clicking item is always like I did double click.

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Title: Re: mouse
Post by: thegreatcthulhu on Nov 14, 2014; 01:59 AM
I don't think there is anything in the C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\My Games\Hellgate\Settings file that controls double clicks, but I could be wrong.  The game doesn't have that many parameters that the user can change from that file as far as mouse options go.

There is a possibility that your mouse is broken.  Every time I've started having that problem with mice (where it was doing double clicks when I was single clicking), it was either because some setting in windows/the mouse driver was turned on or it meant it was time to get a new mouse.
Title: Re: mouse
Post by: RedChaos on Nov 14, 2014; 03:34 AM
In other games, I have noticed this happens to me a lot if my computer is having trouble running the game. The lower the FPS the more likely it will happen to me.

Though my mice have broken on occasion and would double click then as well.