Author Topic: Install Notes [Windows 7 64bit]  (Read 1577 times)


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Install Notes [Windows 7 64bit]
« on: May 27, 2012; 03:48 AM »
I did the standard install on a Windows 7 64bit computer.

Was able to install the Official Single Player patch. Found though after running the game several times that it wouldn't save my preferences.

So I opened the shortcut properties for the hellgate_sp_dx9_x64.exe and placed -buildserver on the target line. This solved the issue of setting not being saved.

Tried to install the fanpatch and kept getting a corrupt file notification from the installer.

Found two ways to fix this. Both rather easy.

#1 Extract the zip file that the mod came in and select the "Select directory option" and just choose the extracted mod folder.

#2 Place the mod in the Flagship Studios folder for your install and then run the mod Launcher and install the mod from there.

The problem I am having now is running the game in DX10. The first time I tried it hardlocked my computer. Had to do a hard reset.

How does anyone else get it to run in 64bit DX10 on Windows 7_64bit?

OK, don't know why  , but it seems to be running in DX10 now ...Gives even worse framerate and such though. Think I will stick to DX9
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Re: Install Notes [Windows 7 64bit]
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2012; 05:46 AM »
I have win 7 64 bit also.

This is what I did.

Load HG:L, add sp patch and run around, load mp patch and load mp game,install nag3b using hellgate 1.5b installer.

Once installed, I use regular launcher-no 1.5b.