Author Topic: cant get past step 2..ON REGISTRATION!  (Read 1142 times)


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cant get past step 2..ON REGISTRATION!
« on: Jan 17, 2012; 02:21 AM »
ive been trying to get past step two on the t3fun registration page and i get to the part where i need to type in a username passwords, nickname and so on. I do all of these things but i cant check the availability of the username cause when i click the check availability of the username it doesnt do anything and when i click check availability for the nickname, the name is unavailable even if you type in "sadkfljeiklasjd12453" as your nickname, by this i mean no matter what name you type it comes up as unavailable. i would at least like to give he game a shot but its impossible to even do that if i cant even make an account. can someone please help?


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Re: cant get past step 2..ON REGISTRATION!
« Reply #1 on: Jan 17, 2012; 03:12 AM »
You should talk to T3 fun  ;) And tell them to fix the fps drops, lag servers and disconnects too.
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