Author Topic: 1.5.1b revival missing items in chests  (Read 1176 times)


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1.5.1b revival missing items in chests
« on: Mar 27, 2013; 08:51 AM »
I couldn't find a solution so, decided to start a topic.
Installed revival 1.5.1b and everything works fine except the treasure chests are
empty. Just started so don't know if that's the case later on but that's at least what happens
at the beginning. I also installed the chest fix found on the forum but made no difference.

If anyone could help me with this them I'd be grateful.



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Re: 1.5.1b revival missing items in chests
« Reply #1 on: Mar 27, 2013; 11:57 AM »
Hm,as long as you enable expert mode on the old launcher and install the fix the chests should be dropping items correctly.I haven't done it since HGG launched so my memory is fuzzy on specifics  :(
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