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Re: 1.0.1 - No cube - Apples
« Reply #15 on: Nov 09, 2009; 02:07 AM »
Quote from: "belhawk"
i did a revert and reinstall.
zomper file is a problem, thumbs, a hsa, doesn't getcopied, not in zombie or low folders.  I looked at it thru  7-zip and see them there, but doesn't appear where it should.  I even extracted patch 1.0.1, and when extracted, thumbs is missing.

crate drops looks better
chests drop only 1 item still, but mostly equipment instead of restoratives, power, etc, but still get a few of those.
i will now add optional packet back in and see what happens.
The windows thumb nail cache has been removed in the next patch, these files do not effect installation.
Elite chests have been rolled back to their original state already. Default chests are only supposed to drop 1 item. Hope these clarifies some of your problems. :)
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