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Seeing as the Revival wiki is being worked on,thought we could share some ideas about material that willing/able contributors may consider.As for mine so far:

-Achievements and their rewards,be they titles or passive abilities

-The energy bar,seeing as it's a new feature and it's functions may not be known to everyone

-Overview of all classes except the Guardians',which is already done.The in-game description of each class (in character creation) could be included somewhere as well.

Unless someone else has already taken it up,I'll write down the cube's recipes sometime soon.
Again,not saying this might not have been covered elsewhere before,just that it might be worthy material for the wiki to include.

I was thinking about making a wiki discussion thread myself. :P

I've been recording the stats of uniques, so I can provide info on those.

From the old wiki, I have the following pages that might be outdated info due to Global changes:
-Normal weapons and armor
-Unique weapons and armor
-Named mods
-Expertise (outdated at this point)
-Castes of enemies (brief descriptions of each type)

I'd attach a couple documents from who knows where about uniques, but the max attachment size is 192KB and apparently the upload folder is full.

At some point I'll whip up a sort of organizational/hierarchical chart so we can get a better idea of how we want all the pages to link together and whatnot, unless that's already been determined.

I'm not suprised the upload quota was reached, a lot of the settings are still out of the box and will require a little tweaking. I can provide current, specific information to anyone that will actively help out edit the wiki.

I'll check back tomorrow, gonna sleep now, talk more then!

Firstly, would it be easier to mass import all the pages from the old wiki (assuming they're still available), then update them? I was just thinking that it might be less hassle to not have to deal with page hierarchies and formatting if it's already there.
This is mostly for everything that's not what I mentioned having before, since what I have is completely wiki-formatted (just need to update values), but if it's simpler to just stick in everything at once then that's fine.

So someone on the Facebook page posted an updated version of the items list.

I suddenly have an urge to update my unique pages and stick them in our wiki, since someone else seems to have done the data collecting. Depending on what's going on this weekend, I think I'll work on it.

Ok, after a super-enlightening conversation and realizing (again?) our wealth of resources, with a little work I should be able to redo the affix and uniques pages with accurate up-to-date information. Here is the affix page I had from the old wiki, with a couple minor changes.

I accidently lost the old wiki - sorry : (

I'll PM you about the data


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