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Wiki inaccuracies and omissions

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...and u can combine the costumes with any other unic item ( but i never got new costum by this way xD ).
Some think, that u get by cubing costumes only a new costum with teh max stat (aa) like the old ones (it is true in my testings - but i dident do a lot of tests "" )

I just found this thread.  How much testing did you do?  Has anyone else cubed three costumes?

Apologies for the late reply Goalie.

I have probably cubed 9 to 12 costumes myself.VampQ has cubed 6,and Necrovatis another 3.
All 6-7 resulting costumes had at best the highest +AA that one of the 3 costumes had.We haven't tried cubing costumes with anything other than costumes,as Danker mentioned,but I assume it should yield the same results if a costume can/does come out.


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