Author Topic: The Dessicator is dead...  (Read 1074 times)


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The Dessicator is dead...
« on: Mar 21, 2021; 06:15 PM »
When I started this game and I came to Stonehange, I thought it was impossible to kill him. Later, after reading a few guides, I found myself wrong. Now I killed him in hell in less than two minutes. Normal gear, no mods + 20% to necro. Poison Spirit has a range of 37.2m plus Hellfire and all the time stay further than 20 meters so as not to be turned into stone. Equipment photos are available for download. In mod weapons, they increase area damage by 97%.

Regarding the eggs. If you have one, you can create any of the three pets or what do you want? The second time I killed Dessi and in the cube I have only Raptor to choose from. Maybe a coincidence or the cube fix does not work until the end?
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