Author Topic: steam version worth it? extra content  (Read 1399 times)


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steam version worth it? extra content
« on: Sep 08, 2021; 08:34 PM »
is the steam version worth for the toyko and abyss content ?
the fps bug i believe is only for intel system i got ryzen,
besides it runs fine on my friends amd system too..

and theres a fix out there as well
is it worth it you guys play it?


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Re: steam version worth it? extra content
« Reply #1 on: Sep 09, 2021; 09:01 AM »
I'm playing through the Steam version, 15 hours into it and have not had a crash or the 1 fps bug. My graphics card is really old though, an AMD Radeon HD 6530D and still using Windows 7 64bit. I think only Intel systems experience problems with the Steam version, from what I've read. I'm enjoying the Steam version so far. I've played Revival and 2038 versions before the Steam version, both are great, but I want to play the Tokyo content at least once and currently the Steam version is only version that has it.


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Re: steam version worth it? extra content
« Reply #2 on: Sep 13, 2021; 05:03 AM »
I dislike the Steam version for a plethora of reasons, and many of those are why I haven't once considered returning to it after two playthroughs.
That said, it *is* worth playing for those specific pieces of content. Abyss does exist in 2038 (mostly in its original FSS form), but 2nd Attack and Tokyo don't (and won't) - so anyone who wants to see said content should be able to bear with Steam's other faults to get there. At least there's the 1 FPS fix now, thankfully.
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