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Properties for items and Conversion to Unique
« on: Mar 16, 2019; 11:22 PM »

Here it's my (unfinished) list of properties we can find on items or in the game. (see attached file below)
You can edit palladium, modify properties on items or change properties.
Properties in my list are such as Bonus to Attributes, Crit Chance, Crit Damage Bonus, procs, skills....

Now i will show you how to convert "White" (normal) item into its Unique version.
- FIRST, Back up your save!!
I won't be responsible of any problem you may encounter during this process.

The Cube will be "quality 06" (yellow).
Difficult to check if that will bug the Cube because most of recipes don't work and i can not go for Berial or Cow level yet.

1 - Change Quality "01" to "06" (see "quality item" in the attached file) by using Cheat Engine :
* Have your wanted Normal/white item (Quality 01) to convert in your inventory for example (doesn't matter where you put it),
* With CE, search by "Array of bytes" with "00 00 40 36 XX 00 00 00" where XX is "01" for "Quality 01",
It will search for all generated white/"Quality 01" items in the game at this moment (vendors, in zones if you have access them before, in your equipment, in your inventories...),
* Modify "Quality 01" byte to "06" ("Quality 06", Unique)

MUST change ALL quality "01" to quality "06" IN ONE GO or this won't convert once in the "Augmentrex 3000".

That MEANS you will lose all your white/"quality 01" items (equipments, weapons, mods, components…), all these items will become "quality 06" (yellow) AND you may not be able to use them as usual after!

In my properties list, you have all information to make new stacks of components (white quality) and palladium if need.

BUT stay careful with quest item, they may become no use once in "quality 06" so complete those quests first.

2 - Put the quality-changed-item (yellow) in the "Augmentrex 3000" and add a new property.
Doesn't matter which quality of property because it won't be added on the item.

This action will convert the quality-changed-item to its Unique (yellow) version ONLY:
+ If It does exist. Otherwise you will get a random legendary version of the item,
+ If The White-version of the item has more than one unique version, the level of your character will determine which unique version you will get.

The obtained item (unique or legendary) will have its augmentations counter untouched.


* This conversion, from white/"Quality 01" item to its Unique or Yellow/"Quality 06" item, does work with white item only.
I tried to convert Green/"Quality 02" to Unique and that does NOT work.

* Unique items are mostly the top of a line of a specific type of item BUT some types of item don't have an Unique version at the end. Hence the game will give you a random legendary version of this item.

* Some Uniques are unique, they don't have a white version/base item (dye kits, retrainers...)
I can't remember if that concerns gear or weapon.
In that case, it's impossible to use this method to obtain them.

* I tried to change "01" to "06" quality for one specific item by sorting one by one change in quality.
The conversion through the "Augmentrex 3000" won't work, the quality-changed-item will stay "White" and the augmentrex really adds a new property BUT the game sees this item as quality_06.

I guess it's data corruption here because by sorting one by one change in quality, the affected items see its quality "01" to "06 and "06" to "01". The game changes something here with my method of sorting.

My "sorting" method is like that:
1. i scan for all quality_01 items in game, it's my Pool_00,
2. I select half of Pool_00 and change "01" to "06". I check if my wanted item has its color changed in inventory (character's or vendor's). "White" to "Yellow", visually.
2.1. IF no, i change back to quality_01 and delete this selection,
2.2. IF yes, i change back to quality_01 and delete the other half of Pool_00,
3. And so on, i repeat the process until i pinpoint my wanted item.
As you can see, that's a lot of changes of quality, the game has lots of opportunities to "corrupt data".

_ Check this method for Moloch loots (Eye of the Mavericks, BugHides),
_ Check this method to obtain Set items.

Although i only need base items (white/normal item), I can not do that yet because i don't have a character high enough for that.


* 17 march 2019:
Completing "Convertion to Unique" section.

* 18 march 2019:
People still asking me about values with CE and the game.

Let's say we want to edit "+XX Ignite Attack Strength", its array of bytes is "02 00 00 24 XX 00 00 00"
"02 00 00 24" is the property tag,
"XX 00 00 00" is the value of the property.
Once you have your pool of results of your scan, you modify this part "XX 00 00 00", only those 4 last bytes.
I want XX = 180 in decimal (= "B4" in hexa) then i have to rewrite this part like this:
"02 00 00 24 B4 00 00 00"

If XX = "2500" in decimal (= "09C4" in hexa), i have to rewrite like this:
"02 00 00 24 C4 09 00 00"
If XX = "ABCDEF" in hexa then i have to rewrite like this: "02 00 00 24 EF CD AB 00"
If XX = "12AB34CD" in hexa then i have to rewrite like this: "02 00 00 24 CD 34 AB 12"

Hope that helps.

* 19 march 2019:
Attached file updated.

* 20 march 2019:
* Attached file updated.
New entries are in red in the file.
* Updated file because i forgot to thank Malachor.
This work is based on his file, for the original game - Thanks to him!

* 22 march 2019:
* Attached file updated.
New entries are in red in the file.

* 02 april 2019:
* Attached file updated.
2 New entries in the file.
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Re: Properties for items and Conversion to Unique
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2019; 06:34 AM »
Does any one know the hex codes for item levels  :'(