Author Topic: A level of monsters modification?  (Read 1109 times)


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A level of monsters modification?
« on: Jun 04, 2019; 08:14 PM »
Hey there, I've noticed there are finally some mods for steam version, fixing 1FPS, cube bug .etc

Anyway, I am not able to find any of them modding a level of monsters. My idea is this: Monster of nightmare/hell will always have +1 level above a player's one. This can open places for late game farming like Stonehenge, The Abyss, since I don't want to farm only Tokyo content.

Even I don't know how this steam version has fixed its late game farm, since I've played only its first release following it till the Abyss.

And I'd like to give it a try again, so I am curious about mods, levels .etc