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Title: Hellgate London 2018 (Steam) review: Evoker
Post by: contra on Feb 26, 2019; 12:27 PM
Level 55 Rank 50 Evoker Completed All Story and SideQuest. Some items converted from Revival SP Modification Unofficial 4.0, and all unidentified items are STEAM versions. some items coexist both versions, E.g:[Unique Focus Item] Slipnaught - Mutentacle. All identified items exist in their best possible form with their best possible stats.

 [Named Rare Focus Item] Hand of Manos - Cabalistic Radiant
 [Named Legendary Focus Item] Reach of the Fiend - Cabalistic Radiant
 [Named Legendary Focus Item] Void Locus - Enigmatic Locus
 [Named Legendary Focus Item] Techsmith's Odd Glove - Enigmatic Radiant
 [Named Legendary Focus Item] Axis of the Reaper - Arcane Axis
 [Unique Focus Item] Abyssal Core - Enigmatic Core (Blueprint)
 [Unique Focus Item] Bottomless Prism - Enigmatic Prism (Blueprint)
 [Unique Focus Item] Carnal Prism - Arcane Prism (Blueprint)
 [Unique Focus Item] Existential Core - Cabalistic Core (Blueprint)
 [Unique Focus Item] Forbidden Core - Arcane Core (Blueprint)
 [Unique Focus Item] Ironlock Radiant - Arcane Radiant (Blueprint)
 [Unique Focus Item] Mindbender Lens - Cabalistic Lens (Blueprint)
 [Unique Focus Item] Soulburn Axis - Enigmatic Axis (Blueprint)
 [Unique Focus Item] Dreamcatcher Lens - Arcane Lens
 [Unique Focus Item] Fiendlasher - Darkclaw
 [Unique Focus Item] Hidra's Tentacle - Mutentacle
 [Unique Focus Item] Hokus Pokus Locus - Arcane Locus
 [Unique Focus Item] Killing Field - Mutentacle
 [Unique Focus Item] Passion - Honorable Core
 [Unique Focus Item] Slayer from Another World - Dreary Hands
 [Unique Focus Item] Slipnaught - Mutentacle
 [Unique Focus Item] Valley of Death - Hell Mountain Locus
 [Mythic Focus Item] Claw of Morax
 [Mythic Focus Item] Glyph-Cage

 [Unique Invoker Helmet] Caparison of Clarity - Caparison
 [Unique Invoker Torso Armor] Mantle of Sydonai - Trencheon
 [Unique Invoker Shoulder Armor] Pyke's Anorak - Anorak
 [Unique Invoker Belt] Draco Blue Helios - Hoop
 [Unique Invoker Gloves] Jon Luc's Pittards - Pittards
 [Unique Invoker Leg Armor] Prowler's Companions - Prowlers
 [Unique Invoker Boots] The Long March - Gaits
 [Unique Caster Helmet] Kravitz' Cornuthaum - Cornuthaum
 [Unique Caster Torso Armor] Grimhyde - Chiton
 [Unique Caster Shoulder Armor] Mantle of Sulfuric Guru - Mantle
 [Unique Caster Belt] The Upkeeper - Hold
 [Unique Caster Gloves] The Baron's Duellos - Duellos
 [Unique Caster Leg Armor] Undeniable Trews - Trews
 [Unique Caster Boots] Hu's Shoes - Strolls
 [Unique Caster Helmet] The Sightless Wanderer - Shroud
 [Unique Caster Torso Armor] Surplus Surplice - Surplice
 [Unique Caster Shoulder Armor] Osbert's Bedizens - Bedizens
 [Unique Caster Belt] Digby's Cord - Cord
 [Unique Caster Gloves] Rawling's Sleeves - Sleeves
 [Unique Caster Leg Armor] Fradenberg's Salwars - Salwars
 [Unique Caster Boots] Tombwalkers - Waders
 [Unique Helmet] All Hallows' Visage
 [Unique Helmet] Death Mask
 [Unique Helmet] Face of Evil
 [Unique Helmet] Ichabod's Bane
 [Unique Helmet] Pumpkin Head
 [Unique Helmet] Veiled Threat
 [Set Caster Helmet] Dark Visage
 [Set Caster Torso Armor] Dark Form
 [Set Caster Shoulder Armor] Dark Scapula
 [Set Caster Belt] Dark Cincture
 [Set Caster Gloves] Dark Holds
 [Set Caster Leg Armor] Dark Braces
 [Set Caster Boots] Dark Spurs
 [Set Invoker Shoulder Armor] Forgotten Warrior's Shoulder Protect
 [Set Invoker Belt] Forgotten Warrior's Belt
 [Set Invoker Shoulder Armor] Lazy Envoy's Shoulder Protect
 [Set Invoker Belt] Lazy Envoy's Belt

 Ancient Mental Clam
 Burning Darkseraph
 Destroying Moloch
 Eye of the Returner
 Flying Reaper
 Heap Raptor
 Impregnable Burning Fiend
 Impregnable Shulgoth
 Impregnable Sydonai
 Restoration Sekworm
 Swift Child
 Versatile Juggernaut

Dye Kits:
 [Common Elixir] Amethyst Angel
 [Common Elixir] Azure Wrath
 [Common Elixir] Biohazard Elixir
 [Common Elixir] Blood Phoenix
 [Common Elixir] Emerald Vengeance
 [Common Elixir] Feasibility Modulator
 [Common Elixir] Golden Dragon
 [Common Elixir] Heroic
 [Common Elixir] Jade
 [Common Elixir] Kungfu Bunny
 [Common Elixir] Lava Elixir
 [Common Elixir] Nuke Elixir
 [Common Elixir] Probability Modulator
 [Common Elixir] Pulsating Chronometer
 [Common Elixir] Royal Elixir
 [Common Elixir] Scorched
 [Common Elixir] Shadow Elixir
 [Common Elixir] Shadow Tiger
 [Common Elixir] The Tempest
 [Common Elixir] Twilight
 [Common Elixir] Wasp Elixir
 [Common Elixir] Iron Oxide Elixir
 [Common Elixir] Silver Alloy Plating Elixir
 [Common Elixir] Titanium White Elixir
 [Common Elixir] Tungsten Alloy Elixir
 [Unique Elixir] Elixir: Absinthe
 [Unique Elixir] Elixir: Golden Lake
 [Unique Elixir] Elixir: Potion of the Sage
 [Unique Elixir] Black Knight Elixir
 [Unique Elixir] Cold Steel Elixir
 [Unique Elixir] Copper Sky Elixir
 [Unique Elixir] Dark Vengeance Elixir
 [Unique Elixir] Earth Core Elixir
 [Unique Elixir] Indigo Fire Elixir
 [Unique Elixir] Ivory Haze Elixir
 [Unique Elixir] Vanquish Elixir

 [Common Ring] Lion's Ring
 [Common Ring] Corrupted Ring of Kaibutsnatan
 [Common Ring] Delicate Ring of Kaibutsnatan
 [Common Ring] Evil Ring of Kaibutsnatan
 [Common Ring] Impregnable Defense Ring of Kaibutsnatan
 [Common Ring] Lucky Ring of Kaibutsnatan
 [Common Ring] Strength Ring of Kaibutsnatan
 [Common Ring] Zombie King's Complete Defense Ring
 [Common Ring] Zombie King's Corruption Ring
 [Common Ring] Zombie King's Elaborate Ring
 [Common Ring] Zombie King's Power Ring
 [Common Ring] Zombie King's Sinister Ring
 [Unique Ring] Dark Master
 [Unique Ring] Free Devil Spirit
 [Unique Ring] King of Glutton's Successor
 [Unique Ring] Rouser
 [Unique Ring] Service of Blood
 [Unique Ring] Spirit of Great Evil
 [Unique Ring] Strengthen Dark Monarch
 [Unique Ring] Versatile Monster

 [Unique Necklace] Necklace of Power
 [Unique Necklace] Necklace of Power (Intermediate)

 [Unique Ring] Awakening Ring
 [Unique Ring] Deciphering Ring
 [Unique Ring] Lightning Rod Ring
 [Unique Ring] Radiant Heat Ring
 [Unique Ring] Sturdy Ring
 [Unique Bracelet] Bracelet of Brutality
 [Unique Bracelet] Bracelet of Guardian
 [Unique Bracelet] Bracelet of the Absolute
 [Unique Bracelet] Counter Ring
 [Unique Bracelet] Strike Ring
 [Unique Bracelet] Showdown Ring

Utility & Other:
 Automatic Dismantler (30 days)
 Radar Device (30 days)
 Shared Storage Box Ticket (30 days) - No effect
 Sigil Package
 Skeleton Key Box
 Nano Capsule Steroid - MAX HP: +50%, Effective time: 8 h
 Nano Mental Steroid - MAX MP: +50%, Effective time:  8 h
 Judgment Accuracy (Superior) - Accuracy: +20, Effective time: 8 h
 Strong Power (Superior) - Strength: +20, Effective time: 8 h
 Tough Stamina (Superior) - Stamina: +20, Effective time: 8 h
 Indomitable Willpower (Superior) - Willpower: +20, Effective time: 8 h
 Hellgate's 1st Year Anniversary Gift Box
 Rider Clothing Set Box
 Uniform Clothing Set Box
Each Luck Box gives ONE random item once opened.

Luck Box 1 give you the chance to get one of the following:
 - Bottomless Prism
 - The Agitator
 - Megan's Fury

Luck Box 2 give you the chance to get one of the following:
 - Set Item (Helmet) - Random Class
 - Set Item (Arms or Gloves) - Random Class
 - Set Item (Shoes) - Random Class
 - Set Item (Leg) - Random Class
 - Set Item (Belt) - Random Class

Luck Box 3 give you the chance to get one of the following:
 - Set Item (Shoulder)  - Random Class
 - Set Item (Torso)  - Random Class

Hacked Items:
 [Legendary Costume] 10th Costume head 1 (For matching equipment, you can destroy it at any time)
Title: Re: Hellgate London 2018 (Steam) review: Evoker
Post by: Hellscream on Feb 26, 2019; 12:31 PM
This list better then some database site  ;D
Title: Re: Hellgate London 2018 (Steam) review: Evoker
Post by: RomaMartin on Mar 06, 2019; 11:26 PM
could you tell me please where get this subject with such characteristics?
Title: Re: Hellgate London 2018 (Steam) review: Evoker
Post by: Bryan on Mar 07, 2019; 04:53 AM
could you tell me please where get this subject with such characteristics?
To consolidate information, since this has also been asked on Discord.

That's a hacked item, so it doesn't exist in other versions of the game or outside of the creator's save file. To have such items drop in the game, one would need to create a mod that contains such custom items in the drop tables.

As for how one would create such mods or individual items for themselves, I wouldn't know. I'm not a modder myself, nor do I know how to use hex editors and the such.
Title: Re: Hellgate London 2018 (Steam) review: Evoker
Post by: Hellscream on Mar 07, 2019; 12:42 PM
And i thought these items are exist on hell mode :-\
Title: Re: Hellgate London 2018 (Steam) review: Evoker
Post by: juliopanz on Jul 31, 2019; 01:25 PM
I really wanna thank you! I was having a really hard time trying to beat this game with my evoker level  50. Since the 2018 steam version is really broken and lagged, it was almost impossible to farm exp points. Besides, the abyss expansion is really unbalanced, so it was almost impossible to beat the second boss Nahema with my character. Despite the fact you almost finished the game with your save, it gave me the chance to kill the abyss last boss Belial and the Tokyo expansion bosses!!! Thank you!!!! ;) ;) ;)
Title: Re: Hellgate London 2018 (Steam) review: Evoker
Post by: zagor466 on May 18, 2020; 11:36 AM
how to add lucky box 3 how to add moloch destroyer pet and costume pls help