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gear in game
« on: Mar 04, 2019; 03:11 AM »
wasn't sure where to actually post this since it involves gear from 2038 and the steam version. is there any way to get the double edged (?) gear from 2038 that has the high luck on em in the game? or any way to add something with high luck to the steam version? currently have the hacked dye kit with insane luck built into it but I have no way to transfer that to any other characters, at least until someone figures out a shared stash patch anyways.
Thanks in advance


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Re: gear in game
« Reply #1 on: Mar 05, 2019; 02:52 AM »
Short answer, no, since the Steam version processes almost everything differently, so what's unique to 2038 most likely won't work with the Steam version at all.


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Re: gear in game
« Reply #2 on: Mar 05, 2019; 07:39 AM »
If memory serves, Global did away with the Mythic +luck affix entirely; either removed it altogether, or at least removed it from the available affix pool.
Not an entirely unreasonable approach, really, considering the new difficulty system and the need to push players into Hell mode (and thus generate revenue out of the Forge).

A few +luck Uniques such as Fisher's Fiery Cast and Trakt's Illumination *should* still be there, but restoring the luck affix for Mythics would probably require modding some tables.
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