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Try this.

I don't know if it'll work because I don't have the Steam version, but Reanimator had more client types defined, including Resurrection which at least loaded Global data and I'm thinking might work with Steam. I just renamed the "load TCv4" checkbox in the options and changed it to load Resurrection instead.

If it doesn't work, I'm not really interested in spending the time to get it to work. The Google Code archive is probably still around, shouldn't be hard to find for anyone who wants to look through it.

I tried it and it didn't give any error during the upload, but if I use the "trade items" function it gives me the attached error. No errors if you use a save of the old version (not steam)

Could You fix trade item?
Steam / Re: Stuck in "Betrayer Revealed" quest
« Last post by jkp690 on Jun 19, 2019; 06:02 PM »
I found the solution, just go to steam choose hellgate london, property, check data integrity. If game is not installed via steam try to reinstall the game.

Steam / [Solved] Stuck in "Betrayer Revealed" quest
« Last post by jkp690 on Jun 18, 2019; 09:45 PM »
hello everyone!
I need some help with "betrayer revealed" quest.
I start the quest speacking with Emmera in Ploughyard, after that I speack with Loucius Aldin. After that I'm looking for the sigil of rebirth, wenn I found it I'm approach that, then red circles appear all around, and I am teleported away a little bit. After that begins a message from Murmur explaining the betrayal, after that nothing append, quest is stuck with "Witness Murmur's treachery" objective completetd.

Any help? If I'm remember correct in original game, Murmur summon some demons and after kill them quest finish speacking Emmera.
any Progression at the Moment?
Saving Private Bryan / Evokers are better Summoners than Summoners
« Last post by Bryan on Jun 10, 2019; 02:44 AM »
A half-serious comparison of the two Cabalist classes, in terms of summoning, in their TC forms.

SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.1
« Last post by Kikina the templar on Jun 07, 2019; 08:21 PM »
Not for now.
I only know the basics of German language, we would first have to find someone who wanted to work on this project.
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.1
« Last post by chaos0ne on Jun 07, 2019; 09:55 AM »
is there a Chance that we get a german Version of the mod?
Steam / Re: Hex codes
« Last post by XM313Raptor on Jun 06, 2019; 01:30 PM »
I'm not sure if this will work in the Steam version, but it works in vanilla HGL:

This is the item's level:

00 00 00 00 xx 00 00 00

And this one is the required character's level:

00 00 80 00 xx 00 00 00

Good luck !
SP Modifications / Re: Nagahaku MOD 3.0b Updated
« Last post by XM313Raptor on Jun 05, 2019; 08:28 AM »
I think that Naga's favourite characters were the Templar and the Hunter and it shows. He did a great job with them. But with the Cabalist he stopped at the middle of the road. The melée skilltree for the Summoner is terrible. And the skill for the Evo that protects him with a sphere of shields but at the cost of a lot of movement speed is simply a joke. Well that's my opinion anyway...
Steam / A level of monsters modification?
« Last post by lesbazyra on Jun 04, 2019; 08:14 PM »
Hey there, I've noticed there are finally some mods for steam version, fixing 1FPS, cube bug .etc

Anyway, I am not able to find any of them modding a level of monsters. My idea is this: Monster of nightmare/hell will always have +1 level above a player's one. This can open places for late game farming like Stonehenge, The Abyss, since I don't want to farm only Tokyo content.

Even I don't know how this steam version has fixed its late game farm, since I've played only its first release following it till the Abyss.

And I'd like to give it a try again, so I am curious about mods, levels .etc
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