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SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.1
« Last post by Elsevier on Sep 11, 2019; 08:43 PM »
Steam version is bugged, heavily cut and completely incompatible with mods for proper versions. Jury rigging it is possible, but you'd need some know-how about Hellgate modding, and obviously it wouldn't run as smooth. General advice - avoid Steam versions.

HELLGATE.London-PLAZA and HGL.Multi8.LossyRepack
Those sound like pirate versions of the game. And judging from that "lossy" thing, not identical to official version.

1. Get a clean non-Steam version. Install it.
2. Download and install patches SP 1.6 and MP 2.0.
3. Run both single-player and multi-player game once.
4. Run Revival launcher and install the mod.

As Kikina says all must be done with admin privileges, but I think your problem is using Steam/pirate versions and, perhaps, not running both MP and SP games before installing the mod.
Support / Re: Crashing woes....
« Last post by teamaster on Sep 11, 2019; 08:35 PM »
This thread might not be checked again, but I am also getting frequent crashes. However, I think I narrowed down when it happens and I havent had a crash since. WHenever I am spamming shift in order to run constantly, my game will crash. I advise not spamming shift and see if that helps you.
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.1
« Last post by Kikina the templar on Sep 11, 2019; 07:05 PM »
Hello  :)

Revival cannot be installed on Steam version of Hellgate, only game client from 2007 year is supported.
If you have original client and both patches (SP + MP) installed properly, try run mod installer like a administrator - on some systems is it necessary.
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.1
« Last post by BYCS on Sep 11, 2019; 11:36 AM »
Hi all!

1 : Sorry for my english  :-[

2 : I can run the steam(HELLGATE.London-PLAZA) and other (HGL.Multi8.LossyRepack), and i can play in english steam and in my language with Multi8 . Have no probalme...

3 : I try everything with steam and other HL but i have allways same problame:
i link my Screen what i see after i install the first SP patch, or other MP patch or the Mod... i got all time same screen after i chose Single Player mod in the Game start screen.

What can i do?
I loved this game and i made 3 character again play a lot,i wanted some new in game this is why i wish to try this mod!  :-\ :'(
Can you help me?!
Steam / Re: Query about modding
« Last post by skullmaster20 on Aug 28, 2019; 11:34 PM »
Thanks for the reply, I thought it was a long shot, I did get really hyped when I got to Millennium Battle as I was hoping for some sort of large scale conflict, which to it's credit it does have, but it disappointed me that the AI allies make zero contribution at all, they fight and aggro mobs, but do no damage and receive no damage, which is pretty underwhelming... mainly been trying hellgate in the interim while staying at my girlfriend's mum's as using a naff laptop as there is no space for my gaming rig, but moving out on Saturday so I think Hellgate will sit in my uncompleted bin for quite some time.
Save Files / Re: Elite Nightmare Evoker (Level 55, SP 1.2.1) + Videos
« Last post by mrhbln on Aug 26, 2019; 05:53 PM »
 :)Thx for the very nice work!
I will start an Evoker and thx
for all tips how to play.
I like Sp 1.2.1. The very best.
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.1
« Last post by Kikina the templar on Aug 26, 2019; 02:07 PM »
Resolved via Discord chat.

For others people:
How download Revival from MEGA.UP - after click on link, main screen appears with time limit. Click once to screen and close pop up window. Then wait to timelimit  ends. Click on download button, close pop up window. Click again on download button and close pop up window again. Third click on download button is link to rar file with Revival.

Link to Google drive was added to start of topic, thanks to Frickeladmin  :)
Steam / Re: Query about modding
« Last post by Seferoth on Aug 26, 2019; 08:10 AM »
Mods here are not compatible with Steam version unfortunately. I once did mess around trying to create skills that summon human NPC or add them appear randomly at place to place, but it did not really work. Best i could do is to make some of them appear, but they did not do anything or react to enemies at all. It might be possible, but that is beyond me.
Steam / Query about modding
« Last post by skullmaster20 on Aug 23, 2019; 10:30 PM »
Just come across this and had a few queries:

1 are any of the main mods compatible with the new steam version (Lost London looks pretty good)

2 is there any possibility of modding classes and altering skills (i.e. is it possible to swap a summoner demon for summoning a templar ally?

3 if there are NPC humans with combat AI, how possible would it be to add some into the spawn pools for levels? I know it would probably make the game a fair bit easier but I love the idea of making the game feel more like a battle for control of London rather than "1 guy with an assault rifle shooting his way across London"

I know these are probably a long shot but if these are at all doable I would love to get something like this working :)
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.1
« Last post by Frickeladmin on Aug 23, 2019; 03:12 PM »
G'Day Sir!

2 problems: is not accessible from german IP's and the mega.up download results again in this very suspicious EXE file that installs.....something.

Can you have a look at the download links?
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