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General / Re: Revival or London 2038 SP
« Last post by Kikina the templar on Jun 17, 2022; 08:41 PM »

Ask cabalist Crowe in Liverpool station (all her previous quest must be done), and you get quest - kill demon Kohama in Undershaft. From Kohama you get one "God's rune".
General / Re: Revival or London 2038 SP
« Last post by chaos0ne on Jun 17, 2022; 08:50 AM »
after the end of revival you are pretty strong and can stoot the bosses realy quick down. but there is one boss you cant kill without an special item and i cant figure it out where i can find the second item that i need for cube the weapon for killing this boss.

yeah augmentrex has broken some realy strange things. maybe an good modder can fix the exe.
General / Re: Revival or London 2038 SP
« Last post by MetisC on Jun 16, 2022; 09:47 AM »
I tried Augmentex, it seems it fixes the 1 fps bug but it breaks other things, sadly I can't use it because I play always with a gamepad (thanks to steam mapping) and the controller mapping overlay from Steam just doesn't hooks in the exe (because the EasyHook from Augmentex).

Last question, how's the endgame from Revival? Do you miss something like the abyss to play endless?
General / Re: Revival or London 2038 SP
« Last post by chaos0ne on Jun 16, 2022; 07:51 AM »
good to hear that you play revival.
but i must say when you have all set pieces from berial you have an massive splash radius and maybe your game will crash :) my templar with two slasher can clear an map in seconds

how did you can play the steam version? with augmentrex 2?

Boss Locations
General / Re: Revival or London 2038 SP
« Last post by MetisC on Jun 16, 2022; 04:15 AM »
Wow, thank you very much for the answers, now the content of the different versions and mods is much clearer to me. I started playing the Steam version a couple of years ago and had to leave it because of the infamous 1 FPS bug and recently started Revival (I'm about 10 hours into this mod, and it's awesome), the reason I'm considering London 2038 or any other mod is because I've seen it has more endgame content than any other version. On the other hand, the elite mode and other things that don't make much sense in an MP game have also been lost along the way. Although I have been playing video games for more than 30 years, I am quite bad and the issue of difficulty is important so that I do not feel blocked. I admit that in that sense the difficulty of the Steam version is much more affordable.

In short, from what you say, the Revival mod seems perfect for me, so I'll keep giving it, thanks again.
General / Re: Revival or London 2038 SP
« Last post by chaos0ne on Jun 15, 2022; 04:42 PM »
Revival makes a lot fun to play but you can get strong pretty quick. thereĀ“s some new lvl with boss monster inside. new quests to solve. custom items from stonehenge to tokyo content. bosses from all 3 expansions.

london 2038 is more farming for equip like in good old times. you can play that game in sp but its a little bit harder than play online with friends.

Nagahaku is a realy great mod have not play it so much like revival but what i see in that time is great. there are mods too for this mod that you can change a lot of the mod too (i do not recommend it. its not fun to find good equip without farming)

Lost London V
you like to kill 500 enemies and more?? than you will love this mod :)

but what an mod is a better sp experience? thats your choice. for myself i play every mod a couple of hours.

revival -nagahaku-lost london you can change it quick per launcher and start over again (maybe chars will show up on other mods for that case i have named it like 2038_ouka Rev_Mimirou)
only for london2038 i have an extra folder
General / Re: Revival or London 2038 SP
« Last post by Bryan on Jun 15, 2022; 01:06 PM »
Hello there, welcome :)

A bit of a clarification here before I get to your question. Tokyo is exclusive to the Steam version of the game, which in itself is a Global port. To make content availability a bit clearer, assuming my memory is correct:
  • SP mods (ie Revival, Lost London, Nagahaku, etc) typically offer the base game and assets (with modifications, of course) alongside Stonehenge assets like Moloch. Some should also offer new quests and new enemy grades, like Nagahaku did, or Abyss assets, like Revival does.
  • London 2038 offers Stonehenge and Abyss as standalone content (ie maps, enemies, and gear), alongside custom content like the Australia dungeon and new items (using existing, if sometimes unreleased, assets to do so). It also comes with more skill modifications than most other versions, leaning more heavily into the skillgroup system.
  • Steam offers a very modified version of the base game, as it is essentially SP Global. It comes with a different version of Abyss, alongside Tokyo and other peripheral content (like the collaged Second Attack expansion and Tokyo's Base Defense). It also comes with new systems, like weapon upgrades being enchantments instead of level upgrades, and items related to them.

So with that in mind, your question was
what's the better single player experience?
My answer would be, the ones that best cater to an SP experience. London 2038 does try to balance SP and MP, but is primarily designed around MP - so any SP port will reflect that, unless it's also modified to facilitate better solo play. Steam is also a rather unmodified SP port of an MP game, so it too shouldn't offer the best SP-minded experience. Revival, on the other hand, is always designed around solo play (like all SP mods are) - so it should be the best for the role.
This does somewhat depend on your (additional) modifications of choice, mind you. A 2038 or Steam mod that specifically irons out the MP edges for a solo player might make either version better for this role. All 3 also have their own unique content and modifications that may appeal to different players, perhaps enough so to overlook other shortcomings or SP-unfriendliness.

TL;DR between those two choices, and specifically for a single player experience, I'd go for Revival. But it's rather subjective, and each game version and mod may have something valuable of its own to offer.
General / Revival or London 2038 SP
« Last post by MetisC on Jun 15, 2022; 06:22 AM »
Hi, your job it's amazing (really amazing) and I'm enjoying the game, but I can find here the Revival 4.4 and London 2038 SP patch. As far as I know the London 2038 has more content (Tokyo, ...) But the single question it's, what's the better single player experience? Revival 4.4 or London 2038 SP? Thanks!
Guides / Re: Revival SP modification installation guide
« Last post by chaos0ne on Jun 08, 2022; 04:55 PM »
when you have some questions you can ask me on discord chaosskynet#2822
Guides / Re: Revival SP modification installation guide
« Last post by Meep on Jun 08, 2022; 12:37 PM »
Yeah, thx you helped me alot.
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