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it looks like you have to know code to use this... i will never be able to figure this out, and i ahve to run visual software and net framework software? what is this stuff?
how do you download or use this stuff i dont understand any of this... is there a step by step to installing and using this stuff? im completely confused
Saving Private Bryan / London 2038 - patch 1.2.3a (July 12th 2019)
« Last post by Bryan on Jul 17, 2019; 02:50 AM »
A quick rundown of the latest patch.

Общее / Re: Hellgate Global
« Last post by Bryan on Jul 17, 2019; 02:46 AM »
No way that's publicly known, no. It would take as much work as 2038 took (if not more) to make Global/Steam servers, and it would be a far less safe project in a legal sense.
Общее / Hellgate Global
« Last post by mazuta on Jul 16, 2019; 05:43 AM »
Реально каким-то образом запустить Hellgate Global.(Мультиплеер)В нашем регионе.Скачать,установить,играть.Не важно на каком языке.Через VPN.Или как-то по другому.
Save Files / Request
« Last post by manace05 on Jul 14, 2019; 02:57 PM »
Can Someone make a Guardian 55/50 (Male) with full set and any stuff pls?
Or tell me how to make it :)
Just run Augmentrex? Two console windows will pop up, one of which is the command interpreter.
in order to enter the command? to remove the fps drop
Steam / Live Playthrough
« Last post by Krokenoster on Jul 12, 2019; 10:49 AM »
So ill be playing through the entire game again on Hell Difficulty on Twitch. If anyone is interested to come watch, ill be live tonight at 7pm (CAT).
What do you mean by "call the console"? I'll need more details to help.
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