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My current files for evokers enjoy


Before I fully patch up to 1.0 beta from 0.31a (complete re-install) I'll post all my evokers current save files.

Be careful a *couple* have been Heavily hex-edited.  If you play with the two evokers I'm thinking about, the game *will* not provide any challenge what-so-ever.  Feel free to do what ever you want with them.  These were mostly made to check and confirm the existence of as many bugs i could find without a multiplayer function.

free virus scanned media fire download link

http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=308c ... 8114394287

Whoops a couple of them are marksmen too......

Edit 2 link failed... re added click on a file to download...

Any of these as SpecVoker?

I think there are several that have over 271 points invested in skills themselves.  So, yes if you want to *only* play as a spectral evoker by all means.... but I know there is at least one that can max all of the skills for sure.... I think the highest level evoker i have is at 43 or 47


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