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I Made some changes so that London 2038 Singleplayer mode can run Stonehenge and Abyss content(First, install the attached patch, which is the prerequisite to experience the archive.), Obviously, the save archive is more intuitive than the "skill planner", Used try to build a combination characters training methods.

Contains the following characters

Level 50 Rank 50 Evoker
Completed All Story and SideQuest.

Level 50 Rank 25 Summoner
Level 50 Rank 30 Marksman
Level 50 Rank 25 Engineer
Level 50 Rank 20 Blademaster
Level 50 Rank 20 Guardian
arrivaled Temple Station. Stonehenge & Abyss area can be accessed.

I only know a little Evoker's equipment, after refer to some guides at forum.london2038.com, got some inspiration. But this doesn’t allow me to know enough about other factions items. so, Please list the legendary or mythical equipment (Including the attributes obtained by aug3000 for Unique items) in your dreams for each factions. I can refer to your list and implement them in save archive later.

Known issues:
NPC Nemo disappeared at Holborn Station, I don’t know why.

sorry for my poor english.

will this mod give access in SP to 2038 update content such as Ravager gatling or 1-hand bladesaw?

Theoretically, with tiis mod, the Multiplayer item drop list is exactly the same as the Singleplayer.

what is all working in the sp mod?



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