Author Topic: Final BM Revival 2.4  (Read 2152 times)


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Final BM Revival 2.4
« on: May 13, 2017; 07:24 PM »
First, be sure u use Revival 2.4 AND Expanded Inventory installed.

After that, i put all my equip on Inventory. Items on top every backpack most time additional(for luck or for experimantel).

That +aa thinkets/Dye need to equip Rest of Items... the main usage u find middle of every Backpack.

The playstyle-> fast in and fast Out.
That mean, use Charge to overbridge Distanz, spam some Sek SoJ... if needet use Whirlwind for additional DMG and got distanze to the rest of enemys. And again ...

I spend 10points to Sourge of restoration, but there is still no realy need for this skill... so, at the End on lvl 55 u will have 15Points Free.... i still testing around, what can be usefull ...

If there be problems with the Inventory, let me know, then i put on my mainset and u only miss some Luck-Items.

MfG Heph/Sorgi