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Elite Nightmare Evoker (Level 55, SP 1.2.1) + Videos


This Evoker was built from scratch using SP1.2 and attacks most effectively (and safely) from a distance. Since creatures burn easily in Hell and everywhere else  :mrgreen: , take advantage of this by maximizing practically all fire attacks, especially "Hellfire".

Combine this with "Ember" (enemies TOTALLY ignore you in his presence), "Tempest" (it zaps any enemies dumb/unlucky enough to walk into its realm) and "Drain Life" to leach life off your enemies. Cast "Elemental Drain" to bump up your defenses at the expense of your enemies and then bump them off quickly with elemental attacks.

And no, he doesn't use "Arc Legion".

Note that this character has not been hex edited.

For the description of the skill trees, refer to the next post below.


From St Paul's to Hell

Killing Discord and Rash
[I was pretty stunned when both appeared at the same time when the Evoker just entered Hell. I sort of panicked and hammered the wrong keys. But it was very exciting! :mrgreen: ]

Killing Bedlam
[Kill safely from a distance using "Concentrate Damage" + "Firestorm" + "Tempest". You might want to ask your baby brother or sister to help out in this. :D ]

Killing Flaw
[This is even more boring. You might want to ask your pet dog to help out in this.  :lol:]

Killing Despair

Killing Sydonai (1st attempt)
[Lesson learnt: make sure Sydonai is miles away when standing still to cast "Ember" :cry:]

Killing Sydonai (2nd attempt)
[Lesson learnt: you must run faster than Sydonai and his flying fishes :cry:]

Killing Sydonai (3rd and successful attempt)
[Lesson learnt: "Blink" the Evoker out of a sticky situation and survive.  :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ]

IMHO, of the six classes, the Evoker is the weakest. Therein lies the fun - keeping the Evoker alive while aggressively attacking the enemies. As such, for this particular build of Evoker, the Health has to be unusually high (more than 2300 hit points) in order to survive at least one hit from the Hell creatures, especially Sydonai.

For this build, all armor used MUST have +AA enhancements to achieve high Stamina, Accuracy, Strengh and Willpower. Those without +AA enhancements will not be used. Look for items that also have decent Shield Overload and Shield Penetration. Since this build also depends heavily on little Ember to act as a distraction, anything that increases its health and armor are important bonuses. This Evoker is happiest when there are dead bodies around.

No attributes have been alloted to Accuracy and Strength. All came from enhancements.

To effectively handle Zombie Summoners, Fellbore Archfiend and flying creatures (e.g. Orbiles), attack from a distance using a combination of "Hellfire" and "Tempest". For "Hellfire", you have to get used to the fact that you actually need to predict when and where the monster will be as the attack will not be instantaneous. And don't leave home without our good friend, "Ember".

The fledgling version of this Evoker can be found here.

Description of the weapon sets used

Weapon Set 1

Used only for casting of "Ember" (Level 6). No skill points have been allotted to this. It all came from enhancements.

Weapon Set 2

Created for the sole effect of using "Blink" (Level 9) since I have heard so much about this skill before I started playing seriously with the Evoker. No point was allotted to this skill. It all came from enhancements. "Blink" was hardly used until the Evoker met Sydonai. "Blink" was then used to outrun Sydonai and escape from his attacks.

In short, "Blink" out of a sticky situation, cast "Ember" to distract Sydonai and then attack with "Hellfire" and "Tempest".

Weapon Set 3

This was the main attack weapon set till the Evoker met Sydonai (in which Weapon Set 2 was preferred).

"Hellfire", "Drain Life", "Tempest", "Flameshards" (all skills maxed) and "Firestorm" (Level 9) were used. For Hellfire to be really effective, the foci items were modded such that splash damage and range of attacks were increased. This Evoker still can cause damage at 35 m. Note that Hellfire can cause damage to flying creatures with its splash damage.

"Drain Life" was a life saver in all cases. When the Evoker was poisoned or burnt, he still can survive by draining health from his enemies. Ditto for "After Life". Thus, the Evoker has less reliance on toxic neutralizers, spectral harmonizers, fire extinguishers, etc.

This weapon set has decent Shield Penetration/Overload to break down the enemies' shield and at the same time, causing damage.

"Elemental Drain" (Level 4) was most effectively used when "Ember" was around to distract enemies and if the Evoker had time. This skill weakened the enemies against elemental attacks and at the same time, strengthened the Evoker against Phase, Stun, Poison and Fire attacks.

Use "Concentrate Damage" (Level 1) in combination with other attacks if the Evoker can afford to stand still as the damage is significantly increased.

"Firestorm" was used for enemies that like to cozy up to the Evoker e.g. Fellbores and Tormentors. However, as this skill consumes a lot of Willpower, the user has to let go of the mouse button from time to time. This skill is more important at lower levels. When the Evoker has finally acquired "Drain Life" at level 7 (max), there is much less tendency to use "Firestorm".

 :)Thx for the very nice work!
I will start an Evoker and thx
for all tips how to play.
I like Sp 1.2.1. The very best.


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