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17 Engineer Starter


Engineer Lev 17 "Eva19"
for revival_1_2_1.mod
Thank you for the good
Reanimator 1_1_0 beta 3b
and AdjustedItemProperties

Holborn Station
No quest taken
All Rare Armor and Weapon
Also on the Druid
Lev 18 boots in your stash.
Stats and Skill point are
high so never respeck!
Take all quests and you are
level 20 in Temple station.
Just play and no need for
pick up items. You already
have the best.
Using weapons with 600 shots/min
sometimes is buggy. Avoid.
Use skills wise. If you respeck
you lose points.
Upgrade with Nano Forge only.
More palladium? You kan sell
Nano Shards in your stash
for 370.600.
Have fun
/Just come to Liverpool Station.
/lev 27 and no problems at all.
/Birger_mrhbln Sweden

Good Skills

thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for :D


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