Author Topic: removing "dynamic respawning" in Lost London?  (Read 941 times)


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removing "dynamic respawning" in Lost London?
« on: Sep 08, 2018; 08:03 PM »
Hello...I'm fairly clueless in how to use reanimator, but I'm trying to change the "room reset" feature, which I think is also known as "dynamic respawning" in Lost London V (so that when I clear an area, it stays clear).  Can someone point me to the right file I need to modify in reanimator (I assume it's a .idx or xml file, correct)?  And from the little I've been able to gather as I searched through this forum, I need to use that new file to create my own mod and install it, correct?  TIA for any help you can provide! :)


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Re: removing "dynamic respawning" in Lost London?
« Reply #1 on: Sep 09, 2018; 02:42 AM »
I'm going to assume that you have Reanimator installed in it's own folder within the game, like Hellgate London/Reanimator.
Create 2 folders in there one called data, the other called data_common.
Within each of those folders create a folder called excel.
So the folder structure should look like this:

Open Reanimator.
In the Table Editor, which gets displayed automatically, double click on the LEVEL table.
In the main section, scroll all the way to the right, then look for the enableRoomReset column heading.
Change all of the ones in that column to zeros.
Save As the table into your Reanimator/data/excel folder
Run Hellpack.exe
Look in Reanimator/data, there should be sp_hellgate_1337.dat and sp_hellgate_1337.idx.
Move, or copy, those to files into your games data folder.
Run the game and see if the change worked.


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Re: removing "dynamic respawning" in Lost London?
« Reply #2 on: Sep 09, 2018; 05:51 PM »
That did the trick.....many thanks!

I almost managed to clear my first Ancient Blood, but ran into a massive Moloch that kept regenerating so I had to make my exit...heh

Thanks again