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Playing around with the patches
« on: Apr 21, 2022; 05:34 PM »
Howdy all,

I'm having a look-see at the contents of the SP patch (I opened the .exe in WinRAR and extracted the contents, then opened up the .idx file in Reanimator) and I wonder if anyone could explain something for me: in the 'data' subdirectory there are six files:
  • sp_hellgate_1.10.180.3416_1.18074.70.4256.dat
  • sp_hellgate_1.10.180.3416_1.18074.70.4256.idx
  • sp_hellgate_localized_1.10.180.3416_1.18074.70.4256.dat
  • sp_hellgate_localized_1.10.180.3416_1.18074.70.4256.idx
  • sp_hellgate_localized_1.10.180.3416_1.18074.70.4256.dat
  • sp_hellgate_localized_1.10.180.3416_1.18074.70.4256.idx

I'm sure you all notice that the two pairs of files with 'localized' in the filename appear to be identical to each other (according to Reanimator, the .dat files have identical name and path hashes, as do the similarly named .idx files) - my question is, what is the deal here?  I'm presuming it's something to do with the separate x86 and x64 versions?  If so, would someone be able to tell me how to tell the difference?

Muchas gracias,