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Those are exactly the same files I released many years ago. I had them all the time and saw some requests of the time, but never really found the time to reupload them. I don't know, if they're still useful or not, especially for the newer Steam version. I never played the game again. I hope that it's still helpful for some people. =) The following is the original readme. The only difference is, that the parts are now 500MB instead of 200MB and on some multi OCHs.

I replaced all available HG:G .dds low resolution texture files with the HD counterpart from HG:L. HG:G unique files are unmodified, like the GUI and new files which are not available in HG:L. So new textures from HG:G will still have the known resolution. Some textures will always be "high" now, equal which option you change. T3Fun/Hanbitsoft hasn't impaired all textures, some exactly are the same like in HG:L, but really not many, even some already low in HG:L experienced a reduction.

With the modified video files those will look good again as well, not the first in-game background video overlay, where you select Global Online, Options & Exit, but all others! This means no more pixelization in videos. Just the short logo videos of Hanbitsoft etc. will be low or high. The replaced videos still named as "_low" inside the .dat files, but they are the high versions and can't be changed back to low. This is because I could only replace those files, which Reanimator extracted out of the original HG:G .dat files.

So after a couple of hours testing, I can only suggest those rebuilds! As far as I can see, my game runs smooth, no visible FPS drop. It just lags ones when I enter a new area through a tunnel, but no further lags, even in action scenes with many monsters etc. But I haven't played much in groups and it depends on your hardware too.

To install, extract the .dat and .idx files to your HG:G "Data" folder. Make backups of the original files if necessary!

Added "Reanimator 1_1_0 beta 3b" (works with HG:L + HG:G)

Download (14x 500MB parts):
(Multiup, Mirrorace, Mirrored, UpToBox & Zippyshare)
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