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Setting up Reanimator 1135
« on: Apr 10, 2016; 09:23 AM »
This topic will cover how to setup Reanimator prior to creating a mod.

First of all we need to download reanimator1135

While it's downloading, create a folder named Reanimator in your hellgate london directory, and also create both data\excel, and data_common\excel folders in there.
Hellgate london\Reanimator\data\excel
Hellgate london\Reanimator\data_common\excel

Once it's finished downloading, extract all of the files into your Reanimator folder.

Now, open Reanimator. You should see something like PIC1

Go to File -> Options, and in the first tab(General) set Path Settings, and Client Path. Mod Path isn't compulsory.
Refer to PIC2
Click on Ok, let it restart if it asks, and you're ready to go to My First Mod.

If there are any questions regarding setting up Reanimator don't hesitate to post them here.
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