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Skill level enhanced
« on: Apr 07, 2019; 10:28 AM »
Titan quest, and grimdawn, have the normal maximum level, and also what's called ultimate level which can only be achieved through items with skill bonuses. Say a skill has a maximum skill level of 10 but the ultimate level is 15, so only 10 points can be put into the skill but items can boost it up to 15.

So I wondered if something similar could be done for hgl. Obviously I can't add another column named ultimate skill level, but I can increase the total levels the skill has and add character level requirements that the character can't actually achieve.
Say the 10th (maximum) level of a skill is has a required character level of 30, and the character's maximum level is 50, I can add an 11th skill level with a character level requirement of 51. The character can't put the extra point into the skill but can use an item with a bonus to the skill and get the additional level.

Obviously, this won't be of any benefit to skills that can't increase the effectiveness. If the skill at maximum level has 100% for something to happen, I'm thinking of ricochet rounds for marksman, then there's no point adding more.

I tested this with create drone which normally has 10 skill levels, so added 51(the required character level for the skill level)  to column level11, and increased maxLevel to 11.
Found an item with +1 create drone and it gave me the additional skill level. It did also display details for level 12, unsurprisingly.

Summoned the drone without the item equipped, then logged out and back in again(and I just remembered that I could have just dismissed it, but whatever, too late now), and summoned the drone with the item equipped and it added the additional health. level 10 said +225%, level 11 said +250%.

Admittedly, this was pretty quick testing, so there may be issues I didn't come across.


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Re: Skill level enhanced
« Reply #1 on: Apr 07, 2019; 03:28 PM »
Engineering class, all his set full of Affixes spell, and his drone to, with higher chance to trigger Affixes spells, better than focus on best weapons!?

Such as character exist.  8)