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Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.3
« on: Mar 05, 2018; 02:07 AM »
Welcome to "Unofficial Revival" patch version 3.3

"My heart stays in Hellgate."
                            Kikina the templar

If you like Hellgate and want to remember a bit of old times, this mod is the best solution for you. Contains elements from many versions of the game, while maintaining the original gameplay.
Mod retains original skills, quests and monsters, but adds some things from early game concept (for example using implants), original online game (pets, dye kits, events..), game from test servers (new weapons, rings, many types of monsters), korean Hellgate Global (bosses, weapons) and ideas of members the Hellgateaus community (expanded stash, better monsters info, cheats..).

Important ! All attachments on this forum is visible only if you are registered user and logged in.

Development of official Revival mod from Hellgateaus community it was completed by version 1.5b2.
Unofficial Revival mod (v1.6 and up) is extension of this mod - whole content of official revival is included,
lots of errors has been fixed and some things were added.

Mod can be installed through "Revival 1.5b1 launcher".
You need:
 - installed game client Hellgate London from original disc or iso image (supported languages is english and czech)
 - installed 1.2 SP and 2.0 MP (TCv4) patches (it is necessary run both clients (SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer) once after installation of patches)
Unpack the launcher to any location, start "launcher.exe", go to utilities section and choose "modifications - install".
On select screen load "revival un 3.3". Do not unpack mod before installation !
For more information take look on topic "The "new" launcher (for Revival 1.5 and up)" from Bryan or "Revival 1.5b2 SP Modification" from Malachor.

Installation of Revival mod automatically revert all before installed mods.

This patch is based on Revival version 3.2, all characters from foregoing versions is (theoretically) compatible, but is strongly recommended to backup your save games before instalation.
If you want load to this version character from version 1.9 or lower, then its necessary before installing remove all mythic and double edged items from character and all weapons from weapon slots to backpack.
After instalation you can return it back.

3.3 Patch Notes

- modification panel (panel of examination item) has been repaired. The panel went too high and image of item was too low to this panel. Now everything is at the right height. Unfortunately, i was unable to fix the bug with description of empty slot for mods (only E or Emp showing), so the label is now off

- in game is two new reaper champions. You can meet them in hidden passageways of all types (100% spawn) - Lord Velnin in normal difficulty and Baron Zareph in nightmare. If you kill them, both can drop one xp pack with 10 mins experience buff (100% chance on kill, you get one from three xp packs - 25% xp, 50% xp, or if you're really lucky 300% xp). Buffs is not stackable, if you use new xp pack, previous xp buff will be reset

- Winter Holiday event was upgraded
  - Loot from Halloween and Fawkes event was disabled (only apples remained, on Fawkes event are falling short, so its possible farming on it while this event). From all common mosters now can be dropped original stuff - candies (3 type), regeneration vials (2 type), and, with a little less probability of drop, capsules (4 type). Using this items give to player 10 minutes buff to various stats. Buffs is not stackable, if you use another holiday buff, previous buff will be reset. Buffs is stackable with goodies from Haloween, Fawkes event and with xp packs, so four buffs together is now possible
  - drop of Santa hat is without change
  - special event bulletins on Charing cross and Temple station now give one new holiday repeatable quest each - hunt on special demons. Except experience and money from complete the quests, each new demon can drop one buff capsule per kill (100%)

- gambling with tokens in cube has been fixed and upgraded:
  - teplar guard on Holborn (gambling token seller) now does not comment on the ongoing quests, is always clickable for shopping
  - guard sells only tokens now - the sale of beast caste mods was obviously a bug...
  - making mods from tokens and essences in cube was corrected - essences now correcly corresponding to caste
  - token recipes in cube should no longer generate random things
  - most gambling recipes now create items of a much higher quality
  - recipe for 2h templar gun was disabled (in game is not 2h templar guns)

- new install option was added - Disable Mods Attribute Cost. If is activated, all newly generated weapon mods will be not required attribute points on player

- new install option was added - Crazy slayer. If is activated, monsters density in most levels of game is highly increased. Function was ported from Nagahaku mod and is experimental - use it at your own risk

- boss Rashaverak now have 25% chance on drop special item (20% before)

- objective monster "The Eliminator" from last quest from Lyra Darius "Remembrance" is now really reaper (electro minion before), like in Hellgate 2038

- reapers Bloodblade and Despair now have unique label color, like other bosses in game

- Alay Penn now have label with her name, like others NPC

- czech support for stonehenge helmets was added

What else to say..
- disable mod attribute cost - function is still a little bit experimental. As it is designed (only newly created mods are affected), should not cause any problems, but i can not guarantee that there is not a badly assembled weapon in the database, so i recommend save your game position before each activation / deactivation of this function. After log into game then check all weapons slots, if is everything right. The spirit father of this function is Omerta from London 2038 project. In alpha test of this project (on clean TCv4 patch) mods did not cost any attribute points for players and i thought it was a very nice idea from the developers of Flagship. Then Omerta reported that he had discovered a bug in the use of the attributes cost and corrected it...  :D
- crazy slayer - while work on UnRevival mod, several players have asked for this feature. Ok, here is it. Function is completely ported from Nagahaku mod as it was (author is Nagahaku, thanks) and is experimental and unsupported. New levels from Revival is not affected of this function. I tested it for a while, but i admit that i would not want to play this setting...  :o
- because mod now uses several scripts from Nagahaku, i put his name in credits, as well BotMaster name, whose "Chest fix" is used in all mod versions. If you know about someone else missing in credits, write to me.
- if someone find bug in new functions, write about it here, or me directly. If anyone knows how to remove any of the game bugs, type as well  ;)
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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.3
« Reply #1 on: Mar 05, 2018; 06:49 PM »
Thanks for the continued updates


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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.3
« Reply #2 on: Mar 07, 2018; 12:13 PM »
Thanks for the continued updates
Yup. Kikina, you rock - thanks! :)
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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.3
« Reply #3 on: Mar 07, 2018; 06:02 PM »
I like your mods but when i play SP_x64 windowed mode the screen goes all black and only works in full screen mode.

Kikina the templar

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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.3
« Reply #4 on: Mar 07, 2018; 07:41 PM »
So unfortunately i can not do anything with that... :(


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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.3
« Reply #5 on: Mar 19, 2018; 06:19 PM »
Rob.V try to change to windowed mode and if the screen goes black press ESC and then Enter. It should load character selection screen and make the game visible again. Hope it helps, cheers.