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Unofficial Revival SP modification 2.9
« on: Jul 02, 2017; 06:46 PM »
Welcome to unofficial Revival patch version 2.9

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Important ! All attachments on this forum is visible only if you are registered user and logged in.

Development of official Revival mod from Hellgateaus community it was completed by version 1.5b2.
Unofficial Revival mod (v1.6 - v2.9) is extension of this mod - whole content of official revival is included,
lots of errors has been fixed and some things were added.

Mod can be installed through "Revival 1.5b1 launcher".
You need:
 - installed game client Hellgate London from original disc or iso image (supported languages is english and czech)
 - installed 1.2 SP and 2.0 MP (TCv4) patches (its necessary run both clients (SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer) once after installation of patches)
Unpack the launcher to any location, start "launcher.exe", go to utilities section and choose "modifications - install".
On select screen load "revival un 2.9". Do not unpack mod before installation !
For more information take look on topic "The "new" launcher (for Revival 1.5 and up)" from Bryan or "Revival 1.5b2 SP Modification" from Malachor.

Installation of Revival mod automatically revert all before installed mods.

This patch is based on Revival version 2.8, all characters from foregoing versions is (theoretically) compatible, but is strongly recommended to backup your save games before instalation.
If you want load to this version character from version 1.9 or lower, then its necessary before installing remove all mythic and double edged items from character and all weapons from weapon slots to backpack.
After instalation you can return it back.

2.9 Patch Notes

- Czech language support v3.0 has been implemented. Some glitches in czech language strings has been fixed. All remaining skills descriptions with english strings has been translated. Czech support should now be complete. There are still some minor bugs, but all comes from the original version..

- Gleamcarvers is now "very fast", like in TCv4 patch (thanks to Fruska for bugfinding)

- Unique cannon "Static coil" now deal physical damage, but only on newly created items (thanks to Antediluvian for bugfinding)

- Unique pistol "Darkray's Devastation" now have some physical damage in description, but only on newly created items (thanks to Antediluvian for bugfinding)

- Order of receiving Lolli's quests at Oxford street station was changed again, due to the problems. Perhaps it will be fine at last..

- Dialog with Gunny, while opening the entrance to the Old crypt, is now longer. You will find out why Gunny suddenly speaks normally. This dialogue was not created by me, was hidden in the original game data.

- I found in game data one dialog ready for Lord Arphaun. He should have said it after Sydonai death. So, until you complete the last main quest of the game, you can now go to Lord Arphaun, talk to him a get end game reward (5 skill points and 15 stat points, quest is available in both difficulties).

- Rashaverak now can drop one new item. Item has no function in the game, but surely many players will raise old memories. Item can be sold at a fair price at vendors.

- Few new loading tips has been added.

Mod was once again tested for the entire pass through the game (thanks to Marcelka), everything should be fine..


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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 2.9
« Reply #1 on: Jul 04, 2017; 09:05 PM »
where can find hidden cube recipes?

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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 2.9
« Reply #2 on: Jul 04, 2017; 10:51 PM »
They can only be revealed by testing. Basically there are only mixing or upgrading recipes for consumables,
Try basic healing injector + basic healing injector.
Basic healing injector + basic mana injektor.
Advanced shock screen + advanced shock screen.. etc, etc..
Only one is hard to reveal - basic mana injektor + analyzer
Four recipes is for hatching pets from eggs, very first recipe is Fester festivus (you get this recipe while winter holiday event).
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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 2.9
« Reply #3 on: Jul 05, 2017; 10:48 PM »
again thanks for yet another improvement.

This may be another issue that's been previously commented on because I remember the same exact issue from patches from years ago, but I'd like to ask is there is any on-going effort to solve the problem with the monsters that divide into a twin and instantly gains 5 levels.

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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 2.9
« Reply #4 on: Jul 05, 2017; 11:11 PM »
I have been searching fix for this bug a long time, but without success. Because it is a problem essentially only at the beginning of the game (later have players better gear), i finally decided to use this error like a feature while fighting with Vitava boss.  :D
But dont worry, Vitava have maximally lv 35 in normal mode and 55 in nightmare.