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Unofficial Revival SP modification 2.6
« on: May 28, 2017; 10:17 AM »
Welcome to unofficial Revival patch version 2.6

"My heart stays in Hellgate."
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Important ! All attachments on this forum is visible only if you are registered user and logged in.

Development of official Revival mod from Hellgateaus community it was completed by version 1.5b2.
Unofficial Revival mod (v1.6 - v2.6) is extension of this mod - whole content of official revival is included,
lots of errors has been fixed and some things were added.

Mod can be installed through "Revival 1.5b1 launcher".
You need:
 - installed game client Hellgate London from original disc or iso image (supported languages is english and czech)
 - installed 1.2 SP and 2.0 MP (TCv4) patches (its necessary run both clients (SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer) once after installation of patches)
Unpack the launcher to any location, start "launcher.exe", go to utilities section and choose "modifications - install".
On select screen load "revival un 2.6". Do not unpack mod before installation !
For more information take look on topic "The "new" launcher (for Revival 1.5 and up)" from Bryan or "Revival 1.5b2 SP Modification" from Malachor.

Installation of Revival mod automatically revert all before installed mods.

This patch is based on Revival version 2.5, all characters from foregoing versions is (theoretically) compatible, but is strongly recommended to backup your save games before instalation.
If you want load to this version character from version 1.9 or lower, then its necessary before installing remove all mythic and double edged items from character and all weapons from weapon slots to backpack.
After instalation you can return it back.

Basically, it is again betatest. If you found some bugs in new content, post it here, thanks.

2.6 Patch Notes

 - Old Hellgate veterans know a mysterious portal, which occasionally appears in Houndsditch area. This portal is now fully functional and can warp you to new level "Collapsed tunnel". Portal now appears in both variant of level (garden, streets) with 100% probability.
In "Collapsed tunnel" you can meet few new monsters from Abyss - Savage fiends (one new lord included) and boss "Vitava". Although it does not seem to come at first, Vitava is hardest boss in mod, and kill him in nightmare difficulty you will manage only with very good geared character on lv 55.

 - Each Vitava have 20% chance on drop one unique armor piece from Abyss "set".
I need to explain something first - Abyss "uber" set and helmets from Moloch cannot be ported to Revival, without change complete 3D model of all three player characters (templar, hunter, cabalist, male, female), as in the Nagahaku mod. I tried it, but in the current state of Revival mod this is not possible while maintaining backward compatibility. If its possible, i do not know how, sorry.
Abyss "set" thus now are in the game, but looks ...different. :)  (For this last joke i apologize to all in advance.)
Vitava can drop 21 pieces of new unique gear (seven for each faction). Items are not exactly the same like in online version of game, but very similar. All have fixed affixes with randomly generated value, but no have fixed item level, so items from nightmare difficulty is always better.
Besides that, Vitava can drop all three rings with his name.

 - All three revival levels (Old crypt, Deathtrap, Collapsed tunnel) is now visible on world map.

 - Drop probability of unique ID Pulsar was again reduced.

 - In mod install menu you can now select a "Cheat mode for beginners" option. If is this function activated, all newly created characters get on gamestart one very special weapon.


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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 2.6
« Reply #1 on: Jun 07, 2017; 08:59 PM »
Wow, awesome new enemys and Items.
Good Job on the ID-Pulsar, now it feels balanced on looting Unique Weapons.

Iam done with 17/21 Items on my main char and i found a little Bug.
If i start a game with random equip, equip the new Items and enter a Map,the Items gone be invinsible and without Funktion. After exit/restart Game, all works fine.

MfG Heph/Sorgi


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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 2.6
« Reply #2 on: Jun 08, 2017; 05:09 AM »
Great mod, except we need a greater money drop! Found treasure tunnels but never get more than about $2000 out of them.

As an idea is it possible to increase the palladium amount in the next revision please?


Kikina the templar

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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 2.6
« Reply #3 on: Jun 08, 2017; 10:19 PM »
Hello and thanks for feedback.

- for Hephias: I know this bug. It appears randomly from the version 1.5, on the new created items only (mostly on all mythics and surprisingly on common dye kits).I admit that i have no idea why it appears.
It might be some incompatibility between save games (game is saved every time you move from level to level). Fortunately, as you yourself noticed, it's always enough reload game. It never happened to me that things would have disappeared..
So please forgiveness, for now i can not fix it.

- for dwarfer66: What the hell are you doing with that money?  :D
I think there is enough options to make money in the game - zomper loot, selling retrainers from Syd, selling mythic items created from crap... In v2.7 (is almost complete, Marcelka now alpha test it) will be possible to sell pet eggs for 15k palladium.
Too much money would destroy gameplay. But well, i'll put a little more money into passages..