Author Topic: Unofficial Revival SP modification 1.7  (Read 3567 times)

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Unofficial Revival SP modification 1.7
« on: Nov 08, 2016; 02:11 AM »

during efforts to fix some bugs in Hellgate Revival i tried to recover Stonehenge or Abyss, ofcourse without succes.
It is interesting - if you restore any of Stonehenge levels, game crashing on character select screen. If i remember correctly, in online
version backround of this screen was changed depending on where youre standing figure. Maybe it has something to do.

Here is another little improvement for Hellgate Revival:

Unofficial Revival patch version 1.7

This unofficial patch is based on Revival version 1.6, all characters from foregoing version is (theoretically)
compatible, but is strongly recommended to backup your save games before instalation.
Mod install through normal "Revival 1.5 b1 installer" (see info in 1.5 b1 topic)

I hope so everything will work. If you find some bugs, post it here, i´ll try to fix them.

1.7 Patch Notes

- in templar base is now two warps to new locations. Warp in Daylight garden is currently out of order,
  warp in night garden is accessible through quest. In new location can spawn new boss with interesting loot

- goggles slot is fixed and fully functional

- Moloch priests is fixed and fully functional  ;D

- Hellgate main menu now shows properly current mod version

- loading tips is actualised

- goggles and Cleanser (weapon for Angel passage) is now not taken out from player backpack on complete quests

- pulse rifle (Static (item)) now have new name

- recipes for powerpacks in cube is now always visible

New content description:

(click to show/hide)

Currently working on rings, so far it looks promising..

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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 1.7
« Reply #1 on: Nov 08, 2016; 04:44 PM »
What luck that I decided I wanted to play HGL again today :)



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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 1.7
« Reply #2 on: Nov 08, 2016; 07:08 PM »
Sounds like commendable work Kikina :) It really is a sight for sore eyes to still see new Hellgate mods.

I was planning on picking up SP again soon-ish,so when I do I'll be sure to check this out :)
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