Author Topic: Unofficial Revival SP modification 1.6  (Read 5480 times)

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Unofficial Revival SP modification 1.6
« on: Oct 18, 2016; 09:39 PM »

After "Great Korean collapse" i Wanted to go back to Hellgate Revival, which i played few years ago, before Hellgate Global. I played version 1.2.1 and i was very satisfied with it. Now i tried version 1.5b2 and must say, so i was somewhat disappointed. I expected so Revival will now be perfect and the work completed.

It seems to me, so this version is not better than the old. For example:
  - inventory have slots for rings a goggles, both unfunctional
  - zombot, Fester, All hallows visage is unobtainable
  - white dye kits is only like first drop from champions
  - mutant weapons is now gone and new "mythic" items is in most cases worse than legendary items
  - recipes in the cube is confused, some unclickables, some appears and the dissapears again
  - etc, etc

I cant fix this everything, but i can do some improvement for people like me, who love pets and fun.
Allow me to introduce new:

     Unofficial Hellgate revival patch 1.6

This patch is based on Revival version 1.5b2 (end game monster on lv50), all characters created in old version is full compatible.
Mod can be intalled though normal 1.5b launcher. (Launcher displays in main menu Hellgate description "Revival version 1.5b, but it does not matter)

 1.6 Patch Notes

- all three game events is now selectable in install menu

  - Fawkes event is restored to original state from online server
  - Halloween event is restored to original state from online server

  - Winter holiday event is not exactly in original state
    15 hunting quests scaled for all players levels is now reworked to 3 quests
    with fixed monster level
    holiday drop from common monsters is mix of items from both others events

- Is possible (but not recommended) launch all three events together. In this case
  Nemo on Holborn or Templar base (it does not matter) gives first quests for Halloween, then for Fawkes
  and last for Holidays. Some quests is repeatable after one hour, or when relog into game

If you find some bugs, its possible so its my fault. But is very possible, so its fault of Reanimator.
With full respect to hundreds hours of work by many people (thanks, guys), i must say so this program still needs many work to do. Last version (r1135) is very unstable and buggy. For example:
  - revival table "treasures" cannot be recooked, without appearance "only paladium in chests" bug
  - program no have "dupe" function and cut/paste function does not work (it is a very serious problem)
  - in most cases is .txt files created with "export" function uncookable
  - etc, etc

Thats all, happy holidays   ;)

                                    Kikina the templar

(Kikina, d'Tikina, Dizzyella in Hellgate London online (Sydonai server) and Hellgate global (european server))

 Events description:

 (!!! HEAVY SPOILER !!!)

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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 1.6
« Reply #1 on: Oct 19, 2016; 12:18 AM »
Heya Kikina,welcome :)

1.5 was indeed rather unstable,so your criticism is justified.I can only hope that a future Revival mod will fully rectify those issues,among whatever content it may alter or add.

That aside,many thanks for your work :) I'm sure your mod will be appreciated by the faithful SP veterans.I was planning on reinstalling SP at some point myself,so I will be sure to try it myself.
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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 1.6
« Reply #2 on: Oct 19, 2016; 12:22 AM »
I recommend that u guys try Lost London V. For me its the best mod (or more than a mod)


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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 1.6
« Reply #3 on: Oct 19, 2016; 06:18 AM »
i use naga 3.0xx i dont know but its stable dx10 in 5k res but hitbox is a mess up need to down res to 4k to loot items i hope for more dx10 smoke mod for nagahaku and need faster movement mods in 5k game is awesome hope for vr mod someone have some?would be great for oculus rift or some cheaper vr headsets hellgate vr doenst look that good we need lan patch or server files maybe we are lucky and get from t3fun if someone ask or we make petition for it i have no time to work for it cause of playing hellgate and some clipping fixxes i miss i loved hellgate tokio with dx10 support but global......kinda was sucki in dx9 only we really could make a private server that would be good if we get server files from t3fun to work on the game or maybe we should ask old flagship workers to help with lan patch llan patch online launcher and a bit of money for it how about crowd founding it hellgate vr mod with lan support nagahaku style lost london was a shit mod for me thx mcmoze


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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 1.6
« Reply #4 on: Oct 26, 2016; 01:13 AM »
I wanna be as high as McMoze. Now!
Robert B.