Author Topic: Revival SP modification 1.0 (pre-release)  (Read 18411 times)


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Revival SP modification 1.0 (pre-release)
« on: Jul 26, 2009; 11:39 PM »
Patch 1.0 (pre-release) - Sunday, July 12th 2009

Thanks to the new installation method provided by NiteHawk, the installation method is now much faster and reliable. Game performance & load times are significantly improved also.

Gameplay changes:
  • Level cap is now raised to 60. Enjoy your extra points and Sydonai should be a sinch too. We will continue to improve difficulty to optimal levels.
  • Melee damage is improved by changes to the strength algorithm by increasing melee damage bonus by 3% (from 1%). Currently that implementation is bugged, giving you 3x times more strength instead of just 3% melee damage. Incendently the same result is achieved but we need to correct this in the next patch.

Install Instructions:
  • Install the game.
  • Install the 1.2 sp patch.
  • Start the game, then quit.
  • Extract the files.
  • Run the hglzap.bat in the hglzap folder.
  • Play the game.

Previous Patch Notes:

Patch v0.3 - 1 June 2009

Patch Notes:
  • Lighting problem fixed. Thanks Oaty
  • Rebalance of Luck & Treasure Passageways
  • Vendor now sells Legendary and Unique loot.
  • Vendor now sells Enhanced, Rare and Legendary Mods.
  • Crafter provides better quality loot, less whites.
  • Two in game posters swapped for Revival propaganda by Decibel. Heh

Patch v0.2 - 20 May 2009
Patch Notes:
  • Responsive luck. Raising your luck attribute will be rewarding. :)
  • Personal storage space increased by x10. Inventory increased by x2.
  • Crafting merchant resets every minute.
  • Greater chance for drops and more palladium to collect in passageways.
  • Changes made to loading screen art.
  • 5 augments on white items.
  • 25 item upgrades.
  • 50% sell increase in Elite mode.
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