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Title: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Yandor on Apr 27, 2014; 04:02 PM
Lost London 1.2 Mod Pack

LL mods feature high mob counts, a PC is recommended, a laptop is unlikely to handle the demand.
All LL mods contain the cube so they support item swapping via Reanimator 1_1_0 beta3b (and probably later versions do too, I don't remember, I use that one coz it works ok?).
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Yandor on Apr 27, 2014; 04:12 PM
Lost London V2 Mod Pack

With all LL mods expect the odd crash. If you get major slowdown, stop shooting and let the computer catch up. Popping a PRD at the end of each section, going to the station so the game gets auto saved is worth considering if you have pickups worth keeping, popping a second PRD can be a good habit on return since some of us enjoy taking risks :) but don't like paying the price.
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Yandor on Apr 27, 2014; 04:43 PM
Lost London (Hellzone 1.0) Mod pack

In NM some Necropolis maps can contain 100 or more Rift Coils and those are sudden death for Hunters.
There is some bug in the Hunter code that can result in successive Rift Coil hits (probably deaths) leading to progressively greater vulnerability in Hunters so that initial hits that result in 50-100 points of damage end up permanetly damaging the Hunter in some unknown way that he gets one-hitted despite having 1,000 health, 95+% damage reduction, 8,000 shields and 12,000 against all elemental "special" effects. It gets saved in the game file and rebooting does not fix it. Such a character may need to be abandoned.

Continuously carpeting the ground with maxed out strikes is not effective enough to get you to an exit you have not yet found. I recommend if your Hunter rolls a map with high Rift Coil counts, get out and try to roll a map without them.

Exposure to electrical attacks from Mini Dynamos and other ankle biters including Death Maggots seems to produce similar sensitivity but it seems to take longer to add up to a serious permanent weakness.

This is a favourite version for me in NM for its extra speed and mob density using a maxed out character with boots modded for extra speed again. With maxed out on-hit nova it is one hell of a light show and it demonstrates the exceptionally advanced abilities of the custom made Flagship engine.

Do expect some crashes, this game pushes the envelope.

Also, a maxed out strike is a good way to relieve a slowdown problem in larger Necropolis maps that feature large numbers of Zombie Summoners (nuke em, stop walking, stop shooting, let it recover speed).

There are three classes so Hunters get to use both MM and Engi skills like strikes and bots.
Evos share Summi skills etc.

Edit 3 May 2014
Added what appears to be an optional Missions addon for Hellzones.
You may have to use the expert tab in "New Launcher" before it will let you add the addon mod on top of the main mod. It gives you warnings but be brave.
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Yandor on Apr 27, 2014; 04:58 PM
Lost London (2.2) mod pack
and optional Lost London Addons (For 2.2 Version) mod pack.

You may have to use the Expert Tab in "new Launcher" before it will let you add the optional addon mod on top of the main mod.

LL 2.2 has less demanding mob counts, typically 200.
The addons let you choose higher or lower mobs in a couple of categories.
The "New Launcher" (1.2.1) makes it easy to change your choices, so don't be afraid to try things out.

LL 2.2 is quite stable and good looking :) and that fog in Choc Park doesn't seem quite so corrosive. There can be some nice unique drops around level 18 in Ancient Blood- Sues Steadier, Balbis Ring and a legendary 8 slot FS rifle in one run. Very nice to see them drop for me at last.

Credit and many thanks to Seferoth for creating these exceptional mods for an exceptional engine.

When commercial games have me plodding around nice looking but very forgettable games, a Lost London speed run hooks me all over again. Why kill them one boring zombie at a time when you could be zipping around killing seas of them :)

For the living.
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Yandor on Apr 27, 2014; 05:38 PM
Installing LL mods

LL mods were based on the Revival 1.2.1 Patch which used the "New Launcher" from that time, links to both are on this guide http://www.hellgateaus.info/forum/hellgate-london-modification-guides/revival-sp-modification-installation-guide/

If you have Revival 1.5b and/or Nagahaku mod 3.0b installed, you should probably first use the Revival 1.5b launcher to roll these back, then use the 1.2.1 "New Launcher" for adding or rolling back 1.2.1 and the LL optionals. They have worked easily for me.

Caution- A Nagahaku 3.0b game save file might contain an item from TC4 that does not exist in earlier game versions. With the game save files all going into the My Games/Hellgate London/Save Games folder it is easy to forget when you switch game types that you may also need to segregate save files into different folders. Importing a foreign item via a game save or via Item Trade might result in item destruction, game save file deletion or a crash. If you remember to choose character names like HeroMMLL2 and BossEvoNaga3 it can save you from your own forgetfulness later.

The cube is in the LL mods which allows item swapping for which I use Reanimator 1_1_0 beta3b but later versions probably support swapping. Fully exit the game before using reanimator and remember that in both gamesave files the F1-F3 weapon slots must be empty or the weapon slots will malfunction afterwards.

The modified items that I use for speed runs in LL are optional speed boots (there are versions for the different classes), Black Knight dye kits with a range of higher armor levels and mods with a range of power levels up to maximum levels.

One side effect of these is that a hunter can play without assigning any skill points and as you have the option of wearing either no armor or low level legendaries just for looks, you can either assign no attribute points or pile them into useful things like accuracy (for a hunter) or health.

It tends to open your eyes to the way FS used attributes/feed costs against the player instead of for the player and the same might be said of the skills which often added less benefit per level increase than was needed to stay matched against the enemy. Quite nasty psychopathic behaviour so it is interesting how that leads to us being here... A compulsion for herding the masses, the sheep, is one of the personality traits. Was Roper the King of the Castle, compelled to cast the rest of us as Dirty Rascals? Human history is the history of psychopathy, yet they are only 1% of the population. It is the willingness of the 99% to be herded by the 1% compulsives that is actually disturbing as it is that willingness alone that empowers them against us. Have you voted recently and did it do you any good? Baaaa. There are wolves , there are sheep and there are those who seek to be neither because they see where the role playing leads to. Que bono, panem et circenses, 1% rules 99% and reality gets stood on its head. We choose to defeat ourselves.

The Black Knight dye kits that boost armor are here http://www.hellgateaus.info/forum/hellgate-london-save-files/stretched-black-knight-dye-kits/

The fuller set of high power mods for LL are here http://www.hellgateaus.info/forum/hellgate-london-save-files/lost-london-hexed-weapon-mods-for-level-99/ and there is a caution to be read there about duplicates getting deleted. These are probably the best range of mods to use in any game that has the cube. There are a few mods in there that add range or nova on hit but probably can only be used in weapons with the right sort of slots, it isn't a comprehensive set.

The speed boots for the different classes are in various posts by Yandor in the Save Files section.

Live free, play free.
Happy Hunting.
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Seferoth on Apr 28, 2014; 11:31 AM
My babies where have you been? I though my Lost London would be lost forever. Thank you Yandor for the files, even I didnt have any Lost London files as my hardrive that had all the files broked a year ago.
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Yandor on Apr 28, 2014; 12:14 PM
Someone asked for a LL DL link which got me playing them again and a week later I dont know what day it is and I play all night and sleep by day and forget what I am supposed to be doing.


If I find any instruction info I will post it but at least the games are not lost.

Thanks again for these exceptional games Seferoth.

They continue to be awesome, especially compared to the increasingly forgettable pap that they keep selling us.
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Violet-n-Red on Apr 28, 2014; 06:54 PM
humans, you are fantastic, i love you soooo much!!!

also, i didn't knew Hunters has that kind of weakness.
would be nice if Revival Launcher was able to autofix that.
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Yandor on Apr 28, 2014; 09:45 PM
Lost London IV_Beta Mod pack

There is always a straggler.
Sitting in the downloads folder.
Sef was pumping them out faster than I could play them.

The later games are often the most balanced games and this is currently the latest LL game.
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Seferoth on Apr 28, 2014; 10:00 PM
Thank you for uploading my work Yandor.  :)
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Yandor on Apr 29, 2014; 06:30 AM
LL gives me a satisfaction that I seem to need from a game and which most games fail to deliver.

Only games made by gamers seem to have that edge, somebody cared and it showed.

Thanks for having what it takes to make a difference and for sharing it with others.

It makes the world a better place.
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: aarnold1000 on Aug 21, 2018; 01:20 AM
Yandor got most of them but Lost London v3 is missing so here it is and the other Lost London v3  files too
Title: Re: Lost London Mod Packs
Post by: Seferoth on Sep 03, 2018; 03:24 PM
Yandor got most of them but Lost London v3 is missing so here it is and the other Lost London v3  files too
Good job uploading V3 files. It's great that all the version are again at Hellgateaus.