Author Topic: What is hglzap?  (Read 2968 times)


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What is hglzap?
« on: Jul 28, 2009; 08:17 PM »
hglzap is my Hellgate modding utility. It can also be used as a 'poor man's patch installer', which has solved some peoples' problems with running "unhelled" files, and thus helped the Revival "fun patch" to stabilize to a (first) 1.0 version.

"Mods" (modifications) of Hellgate relied heavily on Benjamin Haisch's "UnHell" utility before. This nifty program allows extraction of Hellgate's ingame data, in turn making it possible to modify or exchange files. However, running the game "unhelled" may have some disadvantages - namely slow loading times (e.g. noticable delays when opening a merchant's inventory) or even load failures. Basically, hglzap was designed to achieve the same goal, only using a different approach: it modifies Hellgate's .IDX ("index") files and selectively creates 'blind spots' for some data, thus forcing the game to use the mod files "direct" from disk. (If you are interested in the full story, read on here: Smashing .IDX for fun and profit)

hglzap serves as a stand-alone tool. Normally you won't need to download it seperately, as suitable versions will be included in the 'mod packages' released here on the forum. If you want a nice, 'all-in-one' solution, be sure to have a look at Norak's installer!

Please note: hglzap is still 'work in progress'. For the latest version / download please look here.

Regards, NiteHawk
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