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Request for more skill points
« on: Sep 02, 2010; 02:29 AM »
As an engineer, without the +skill on weapons, I'm lacking in alot of skill points.
But I dont think its good to bring them back either and ruin good weapons

I used to run a setup like this
1st weapon set - some unique with +3 to repair drone
2nd weapons set - 2 pistols with a total of +10 to grenades
3rd weapon set - 2 pistols with +12 to drone skill tree
4th weapon set (in inventory) - +7 to haste bot

I will use 4th set to cast haste drone since you only need to cast it once unless you die. Then I will swap the 4th set out with the third and construct a buffed up drone
So gameplay is just using the 1st weapon and occasionally switching to throw grenades or to construct drone if she dies.

I do not know if its possible to change skill points, but if it's possible, its nice to see more quests adding to skill points in order to deal with the lack of them on weapons.