Author Topic: Possible to Modify Skill Icons?  (Read 1116 times)


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Possible to Modify Skill Icons?
« on: Apr 26, 2010; 12:14 PM »
Just hoping I could do a minor contribution if its possible to make edit the Skill Icons, Namely the Warper and Carnagor to better suit their specifics. (I.e: Purple Warper Icon and a Lava-Gor Icon for Tirex's Texture Mod)
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Re: Possible to Modify Skill Icons?
« Reply #1 on: Apr 26, 2010; 12:41 PM »
You need to extract the "" file from the hellgate000.idx file (about 1,25MB). This file contains all used and unused skill icons of the game. It should be enough to modify the icons in this file, place it in the "data/uix" folder and run HglZap.
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