Author Topic: Nagahaku mod: Blademaster, the better marksman  (Read 1708 times)


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Nagahaku mod: Blademaster, the better marksman
« on: Mar 05, 2014; 12:10 PM »
Hey there,

I recently reskilled my Blademistress to use all passible auras. Then I equipped her with two novaguns (10 shots/min each with random augments). Result: I´m almost indefeatable. Every three seconds all enemies in a 15-18m radius go down. Sometimes there is a bug and the guns don´t fire when they should: I´m instantly surrounded by mobs, can´t move - but I don´t die thanks to the aura-effects. Novaguns ready again: Boom, hundreds of demons go down instantly. Only very few bosses survive more than two shots.

With my marksman I can only sneak through the levels in perma-stealth mode though I use two much (!!!) better novaguns.

I am German. I need English for my job. PLEASE correct me in case you think I made a mistake or should say things in another way - if you are sure. I am always willing to learn. Thank you!