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Title: Doubts about modding
Post by: Zagnard on Feb 15, 2016; 03:14 AM
Hi people. My apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I'm a new member here  on the forum that only registered yesterday. Today I decided to download reanimator to fiddle around with some things, but I'm completely lost, and as such I turn at you to seek guidance:

1 - I have pretty much zero eexperience with modding, specially about codding and anything else other that isn't about changing one or two things in a UI similar to reanimator's.
2 - I understand that there are quite a lot of posts on the forum about modding, but due to both my lack of understanding on the fact that there is a new version of reanimator, I feel quite uneasy on this subject.
3 - I'd like to know what can be changed with what: for example, what can I do with reanimator, what is it that requires XML files (I don't know what that is, I just came across that term) and cheat engine, etc.
4 - Since there is a new version of reanimator and of the various mods, which older posts are still valid on their information?
5 - I don't understand the meaning of the information contained on the tables of reanimator, as for example basically all the names of the columns (tinyelectric, ticks, parameter (1,2, ...)) and the values in the later lines (-1, 0, 1, 2, ...)
6 - Right now, I just want to focus on changing some parameters of weapons (ex: for melee, attack speed, if damage is direct or splash (if possible), for firearms, damage, rate of fire, etc). However, I'd like to maybe make some other kinds of changes and if I don't give up soon on this (as usual >.<), maybe I end up creating or helping with some mod.

Once again, my apologies if this is something that I should have found, and if need be, I will delete the topic. However, any assitance would be greatly apreciated.
Title: Re: Doubts about modding
Post by: Malachor on Feb 16, 2016; 12:07 AM
Hi Zagnard

First, while you call it new, it is three years old. But, anyway, the main differences are that the latest version has more information exposed, or rearranged differently, as our understanding of them increased.
Cheat engine is used when someone wants to modify and existing character, or it's current equipment. It's not used to modify anything else.
Xml files are used for the user interface, textures, states, skills, but the last three don't absolutely require modifying them. With the ui, if you wanted to add elements, or rearrange them, then you'd need to modify the xml files.
Most of the posts are still valid, with the proviso that there might be some differences in how the latest reanimator displays the information. To be honest, I haven't looked at all of the posts, or not recently at least, so I may be completely wrong.
Reanimator is used for a lot of things, primarily modifying existing entries(rows, and/or columns), but if you wanted to add a new line, then you would need to export the file, then add the row. New columns can't be added, that requires hardcoded support, ie the source code would need to be recompiled, which we don't have. Your point 6 for example, can all be done in reanimator.
Regarding point 5, I know what you mean, but it does help if you can compare the column name with an existing entry, if it has one of course. tinyelectric, would probably be some form of particle effect when something was perhaps struck with a small electrical attack. ticks(if it's from gameglobals anyway) is how many times the game updates per second, which shouldn't be touched, although I don't actually know what would happen if it was modified. If instead of ticks, but it was cdTicks that you meant, then that would be the rate of fire. Having given this one some thought, I think that it's short for cooldown ticks, only because as you decrease the value, you increase the rate of fire of firearms. On that note, download the adjusteditemproperties.pdf, because I cover the rate of fire in it. Amongst other things.
Melee attack speed is as far as I have seen, nonexistent.
Regarding the damage types, have a look in items at props1. the value given there is the proportion of the damage that is of that/those damage type(s).
I hope this goes some way towards helping, and if not, you can always ask.
Title: Re: Doubts about modding
Post by: Zagnard on Sep 14, 2018; 06:27 PM

Apologies on my delay. I felt overwhelmed about learnibg to mod.
I'll soon start a degree aroind ingormatics and videogame development, and I decided to eventually give modding this game abother try.

Thank you for your answer. However, I am still a bit at a loss. I mean, what do I need to know or where do I go to get to know? For example, what are and editing xml files, what are and what are cooked files used for, that oind pf basic stuff. May someone please point me in the right direction?
Title: Re: Doubts about modding
Post by: Malachor on Sep 16, 2018; 02:25 AM
I don't know why there are cooked files. It's not to remove unnecessary data, since some files become smaller in file size than the uncooked version while others become larger.
In data/excel and data_common/excel there are *.txt.cooked files and they hold the game's data. Things like monster, item, player stats, The table editor in Reanimator opens them into a more readable format.
How to know what data is related to a column? Some of it can be determined by looking at the data in the cells in a column. If there's no data at all for a column, then no one knows for certain.

There are *.xml files, and *.xml.cooked files. Most of the cooked xml files deal with textures,  and skill and ai behaviors. The uncooked xml files deal with the user interface.

How to mod the game? Either ask about specific details, like "how do I change the players starting stats", or through trial and error. Change something and see what, if anything, happens.
No one knows everything about this game, which is understandable since no one here was a developer of the game.
Title: Re: Doubts about modding
Post by: Zagnard on Sep 16, 2018; 11:35 AM
Thank you.

I will eventually try to mod enemy stats, more specifically the immunities. In order to ask about that and give feedback, shoukd I create a specific topic for that? I believe there isn't one about editing this.
Title: Re: Doubts about modding
Post by: Malachor on Sep 16, 2018; 11:15 PM
Yeah, I think that would be a good idea.