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HGL modder
« on: Jul 26, 2009; 07:33 PM »
Originally posted by Methejuggler

Here we go... Very first early release!

Use at your own risk, this is an early beta, and very possibly could mess up your install badly. You may want to back up the original files before editing, in case you don't like how it turns out. There's no backup features in this currently.

Please make notes on what changes are seen in game for each setting, so I can improve the descriptions in the program to make it easier to work with in the future!

Post all findings about what each color variable does as a reply here, or PM me... also, definitely looking for feedback on bugs and suggestions for improvements!

Special thanks to Malachor and Maeyan, since they're the ones who did most of the grunt work in finding the offsets and figuring out what's actually in the files!

As time goes on, I will add more files to the editor. Currently working on adding in the item editor, based on Malachor's write up.

2009/06/15 02:30 (v0.1f)
  • Redesigned interface.
2009/06/13 03:30 (v0.1e)
  • Changed data 2 column to real data.
  • Changed signed/unsigned bug in gameglobals.
2009/06/12 16:30 (v0.1d)
  • Added support for gameglobals.txt.cooked
2009/06/12 02:00 (v0.1c)
  • First Public Release
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Re: Reanimator - editor
« Reply #1 on: Aug 01, 2009; 03:58 AM »
Seeing as how mucking around with the ingame graphics is kinda' my thing ... I thought I'd post a sort of Legend for the Coloursets.XML file (please excuse the colours, they are only for clarity sake)

    Using the HGLModder ... [/list]

    Colour 1 - PINK (Primarily the Base Armour Colour)
    Colour 2 - WHITE(Primarily the Edges and Scrollwork on Armour or accessories)
    Colour 3 - YELLOW ("Hey ... fancy pants ... What's the Glowy bits on you're Armour)
    Colour 4 - BLACK (Primarily the Leather or Cloth Parts)
    Colour 5 - GREEN (Primarily the Joints, seems or elastic parts of Armour)
    Colour 6 - BLUE (A Secondary 'Tint' to certain parts or base colour for certain accessories)

      Also if you browse through th XML file, it actually shows you which ones are the 'Named Dye Kits' ... So modifying one of the other coloursets to match a dye kit is pretty easy, you won't get the 'enhancements' that the dye kit gives, but you will have the colour scheme ...
      hopefully it will easier with this legend ...
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    Re: Reanimator - editor
    « Reply #2 on: Aug 28, 2009; 02:51 PM »
    I know I'm probably gonna' get into HUGE trouble for this ... BUT I just had to share this with you guys, 'coz It's just to great an announcement to go untold ... ( :oops: Sorry Maeyan ...)

    Quote from: "maeyan"
    As I promised a few days ago, I have taken over development of Reanimator, a toolset to assist the modification of HGL. It will contain lookup functionality so it will be very easy to change the values of referenced indexes. More updates soon :)
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