Author Topic: Are there Modders interested in importing assets into HG?  (Read 1089 times)


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It is commonly thought that there is no way to import assets into HG but there probably is.

There is an old version of Autodesk Softimage (XSI) that comes with a permanent license because it is old and which is supported by Havok just as Max and Maya are. Its also about the right age for HG though.

So there are no fees or expiries to worry about and also no support.

XSI is said to be less frendly that Max, both ways differ from the Blender way.
It hard on the head learning one of these things, having to learn two ways seems to mess people up. I dont know any of those ways yet.

XSI stuggles with FBX imports from Blender but alternative formats are said to be worse.
There is an FBX utility that might be tried for converting Blender FBX to older formats for XSI import and from there into Havok. While HG uses Havok format, HG effectively uses its own extension of Havok that is known to only to HG. Havok tools will only get you so far before the HG-only side of it becomes an issue.

Introducing the topics will also involve introducing the Havok tools which might prove useful for internal uses <cough>.

But we are already talking many gigs of downloads and many months of learning, while posting lengthy guides to use this stuff. For what? Will it just get ignored? It probably needs a mix of HG hexer/reanimator background and some Blender asset background.

What I see is 5,000+ DLs of 1.5b but whatever modders might be around seem to be tied up or a bit burned out.

I have seen people make contributions only to have it frustrated by difficulties in the past in getting such things into mod packs. This may be changing but still, founders have their own projects and keeping people on the fringes happy is not going to be a priority for the busy.

A complication is that there is still no clear cut way to export assets to Blender. So we cannot yet do actual asset modding, only asset generation and import. Export would be an even bigger exercise. You have to start somewhere.

So such an exercise has no promise of achieving quick or impressive outcomes in the way that full modders toolkits might. It might always remain little more than a loser.

So do I put more months into looking further then posting screeds of posts or are there only game DLers out there, no serious masochists left that have not already burnt out or splattered their brains against too many brick walls?

What say you oh great 5,000?

This is not a revival project, it has no support yet. It is more about an exercise to find out what inroads might be made into importing. There are plenty of limitations on what might be achieved and even more limitations may be found ahead.

Its about generating assets in either Blender or XSI, then into Havok and seeing about getting into them into HG type format for possible inclusion in games. Quite a learning curve involved. Difficult to convey in posts, yet maybe wasted if it isnt conveyed in posts for others, the few, to follow.

How few are the few who might have a use for a geeky exercise that goes nowhere certain?

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