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Old player coming back, what to play ?



  what do you suggest I should be using ? (considering I will mainly play solo)
    - Vanilla, with patch 1.2.
    - Revival.
    - 2038, playing solo on a multi server (lag ?)
    - Global, with trying heavy patching of texture and other...

Thanks all.

P.S. I already have my game installed and running with my original CD I had the sense to keep. ;)

Vanilla with patch 1.2 is perfectly fine to play.
Revival, or Unofficial Revival, or Lost London, or Nagahaku's mod, but only one at a time. They do have different gameplay experiences.
Regarding 2038, it works fine, but your connection will have some impact. Some people have complained about their ping, but this isn't a twitch shooter, I think it's fine.
Global, well you have to pay for it, and it's not worth the money in my opinion.

If you want new content with shoddy English, then go for Global, as that's the only good thing going for it.
At least for the Global version the story continues (somewhat) after you kill Sydonai.
The Steam discussion has a couple of posts with regards to HD textures and cutscenes if you're looking for them; just download the files and replace them in the Steam folder.

Personally, I'm already done playing Nagahaku and Revival, so I moved on to the Steam version in spite of all the problems with it.

i would also say any of the Single player mods for hellgate....
i tried london 2038.. but im in europe and the server is in canada and my ping was 150ms
it was do able but i notice most of the game i was playing alone anyways (not in a party) so i thought might as well just go with a single player mod and have 0 ping :P
also avoid steam like the plague it has performance issues also its only 32bit but it has a lot of bugs that makes the game stutter to 1fps lol


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