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How many of you still play a lot of Hellgate?


Im curious...
how many of you actually play a lot of hellgate london still?
it can be steam,london 2038 or any of the SP mods..
i wanna see how much interest there is still for this game
for me i personally love it and will prob keep playing it untill something similar ever comes out...
ofcourse we have borderlands but to me hellgate is waayyyy better haha

i'm not playing it right now, but i'll get London 2038 once it's out of alpha. it's different enough to make the game fun again. maybe not different enoguh to keep me playing for long, but we'll see. it's just this simplistic ability and combat design that gets stale very quick after seeing what other games can offer. but then many others aprpeciate the game for this exact reason.

Haven't played in years, might start again when London 2038 is complete i guess. Although it's online only nature does not appeal to me too much. Online games will be shut down eventually and all the progress you have done will be lost and in most cases the entire game will be unplayable forever. A bit morbid thinking, but this is why i quite often avoid online game. Hoping that maybe in the future they might somehow release it as singleplayer game as well...if that is even possible.


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