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Help plz Revival SP 4.2 Installation


Ive been trying to install this,
i even watched videos on it i follow it exactly but for some reason i keep getting error
when i try to install the mod through the launcher..
this is what i did can some one tell me what i did wrong?
so i can get it to work ive been trying for 2 hours now im getting pretty angry and about to give up actually..
anyways what i did was...
installed original verison USA version of hellgate london..
then i installed 1.2 patch SP then installed 2.0 mp patch..
after installing the patches i run the game once in single player and once in multiplayer
then i go back to my desktop i extract the launcher to my desktop i then click file and install mod
i then point it towards the revival 4.2 then itll install it and at the end ill get an error...
what did i do wrong??
on the forums it said that i can extract the launcher anywhere
i even tried it in the directory btw that didnt work either..
any ideas?


ok i give up the game wont even install now..
im trying for like the 5th and now my game install stops at like 80% and just hangs there =/ wtf?

ok i managed to install the game but the mod i still cant get it to work...
so yeah those instructions are wrong and outdated cause with the latest 4.2 i follow it to the teeth and i even followed videos and it just doesnt work..so after about 3 hours trying basically all evening its now 6am pfff im mad...what a waste of time.. going back to steam..

Hello, welcome.

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. It sounds like you're following the process correctly so you shouldn't be encountering issues. Could you share the error you're getting?
Also, have you extracted the .dlls along with the launcher?

sry to hear that. I can clearly attest to the instruction because I've successfully installed the unofficial mod numerous times, including the latest 4.2

Create a character immediately after the vanilla installation,
play single-play, load up the multi-play login screen after EACH legacy patches(1.2 and 2.0)
After that, the mod installation should go without a hiccup.

I have Microsoft .Net framework 4.5 installed.
also recommend to restart your computer upon getting the error message and re-try.

In my case, I almost always get an error message for the first time loading characters
after newly installing an unofficial mod. the problem goes away when I reboot.

ok imma try again guys sorry for frustration
im facing another issue
sometimes the game freezes during install like itll get stuck at 80% or 75% i have to retry like 5 times intill it installs...
but ill keep trying

yay it finally installed successfully the mod too!
but the mod kept giving me error something with key it said error the provide key bla bla bla
but the key i used was right and original so idk what was up with that i just clicked install again and the second time it went thru and said ''install finished'' :)
also when i tried installing hellgate it kept freezing at 80% during install but i tried many times and it went thru


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