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Hi everybody.

HGL items have quotes (real and fictional) attached to their descriptions. It reminds me the same feature in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri where quotes go with science discoveries descriptions.

Is there some way to get all these HGL quotes out of game files to form a kind of compendium (just as it was made of Alpha Centauri quotes)?

Kikina the templar:
Open in Reanimator table "items", then search for column "string_string" for name of item and column "flavorText_string" for text of quotes.
Reanimator cannot save this database in text form, but you can copy texts with ctrl-c and ctrl-s.

Here is one I found when I played a few years ago and snapped a screenshot of it, I will need to keep a look out for others on my new game but thought I would share this

Kikina the templar, thanks a lot!


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