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Back in the days I bought the german version of Hellgate London, but due to the bad quality of the translation I downloaded the english language files and used those.
It worked well untill the 1.2 SP patch came out.

Ever since then, using my downloaded english files causes mixups in the string indexing. For example all the class names have been rotated down by one (Swordmaster being named Summoner and so on with the Marksman being called "Recon").
Pretty much every piece of text is messed up, except some places in the options screen.

I tried to delete the german files and leave only the english ones in before patching to 1.2, but the problem stays the same.
Unless someone knows how I can do it, I'm doomed to either play unpatched or in german :(
So far the decision went in favour of playing unpatched, but due to the revival patch only working on an already patched HGL, that's out of the question.... and the german translation REALLY sucks.

Does anyone know what I can do to get the english language files to work with the 1.2 version as well?

Let's see... You need to have english/your prefered language versions of the following files:

In your data folder:

In your language folder:

After that all you have to do is open the data/language.dat file (e.g. via Notepad) and change "Language=German" to "Language=English"... That did it for me :)
Make sure to "install" the "language patch" BEFORE applying the original HGL 1.2 patch!

Wir haben auch nen eigenen deutschen Forenbereich xD

Ah, so that's the problem....
I only got the first two files and the Strings_Install, but not the other two.... though I did apply them before the patch.
Could you tell me were I can get the two sp_hellgate_..... files form please?
I tried searching for "sp_hellgate_localized" in both google and altavista, but neither gave me any results (apart from one deadlink and one asian page).

If I remember correctly I got my files from here (taken from a german HGL forum). The package should contain all the "localized" files. By combining these files with the language files you already have you can create your own little language package you can use whenever you reinstall HGL. Just back up all the files mentioned in my post above and you're done :)

Some people claim that the two "localized" files aren't necessarily needed to change the ingame language, others report the game would only run correctly when those files were also replaced. The "localized" files are mostly responsible for "un-cutting" the game.

That's exactly the pack I already have, with just 3 files, but not the two I'm missing :(

But just in case I tried it again anyway, with the files from that link.
Deinstalled HGL, reinstalled it.
Put the files in place, deleted ther german folder from Language. Now I started the game (unpatched) to see if it works, which it did.
Then I applyed the 1.2 SP patch and bang.... same crap as before. All the strings are messed up.

So it really must be the two sp_hellgate_localized files that fix it, but I still don't know were to get them from.

I attached a screenshot of how it looks ingame with just the Strings_Install and hellgate_localized.dat/.idx files from the US verison (cut smaller to fit into the forum specifications).


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